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*Sold Out* Wild signature Vietnamese Nha Trang cone chips

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Cone chip is the part containing most of the resin. These chips are from the old trees with an estimation of over 40 years of age. Smell this distinctive aroma compared to others.

Excellent age of infection with excellent resin content. As our hunter does not have mica plate, hence he lights the chip up directly at the edge to show agarwood content.



Best enjoy with Mica Plate !

Customer Reviews
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    Daniel B.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    An exceptional oudh wood priced so reasonably, ideal for the novice or connoisseur.

    Nha Trang Cone Chip is absolutely sublime wood, slightly more costly but worth every cent, A very high quality wood that is exquisite but at a price that is affordable. The quality is 100% with no pieces that are not agarwood. This is an Oud that is easily experienced with charcoal, or an electric burner with many of the pieces that are sold are full of beautiful perfume, requiring the merest of heat for the aromas to be released. I am so very glad I bought 50g, This is a special wood, very gentle deep spice notes with absolutely no harshness of cheaper Oud, rather the deep nuance of carefully harvested wood by someone with extensive experience. It is pure pleasure to experience, if you are new to Oud this one is fantastic, I have 8 or 9 woods and find myself returning to this regularly. As it slowly warms, the complexity of the wood is revealed both dark and light, but not barnyard and it is ideal for meditative practices, or as a way to introduce a beautiful fragrance to the home. Very much recommend this wood, for the novice or the more discerning connoisseur of fine Agarwood, it continues to surprise me with the complexity of its facets, and it has been cured to perfection as have all of the woods from Grandawood.I am very thankful Grandawood has obtained Nha Trang Cone Chip again, it is heavy with resin but beautifully deep when heated without the undesirable notes of so many cheaper products.

    • Anything that you don't like? Nothing at all, these chips are some of my favourite due to their complexity
    • What do you like? This wood has a beautiful complexity, it opens with floral notes and evolves throughout. Superb wood that takes several heatings to fully understand, it;s so complex in its floralcy and spice.
    • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? Yes
    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia Wild signature Vietnamese Nha Trang cone chips ReviewGrandawood- Agarwood Australia Wild signature Vietnamese Nha Trang cone chips ReviewGrandawood- Agarwood Australia Wild signature Vietnamese Nha Trang cone chips Review
    Daniel B.
    Australia Australia
    Sublime Wood of a very high quality

    The pieces that arrived were beautifully selected and were teaming with resin, it was clear that a lot of care had been taken to cut the wood carefully and it showed in the final product. These pieces carry an odor redolent of fine wild oudhs and are worth the money. I will buy much larger stock when more is available, a very luxurious oud.

    Adam .
    Vietnam Vietnam
    nice spicy oudh chips

    got 5 pieces but 5 different experiences, very fine fragrance. Thank you for the well-packed parcel and a nice sample of Oud !



    Abdullah A.
    Kuwait Kuwait
    I don't recommend it

    Smell not good only one piece is good from the first time I used after that all the pieces smell bad