*SOLD* Classic Pattern Wild Vietnamese Agarwood Mala 108

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  • Are you looking for the classic, fool-proof genuine 108 mala agarwood?
  • Are you looking for heavy felt mala around 20g
  • Are you worried about being scammed because of buying fake items?

We know you are worried and we completed understand your concern. 

Let's us declare first: these TWO 108 wild agarwood mala were made from our own plantation.

WAIT, WHAT, YOUR OWN PLANTATION? How can you call it wild?

It is wild because we do have reserved wild Aquilarua trees untouched by human until they are matured, we only wound this tree mechanically and left these trees for the mother of nature (for who don't know, our family forest is 400 hectares) 

You can't go wrong with that, it is from our forest, made by our own craftsmen. These individual beads are handcrafted with decent resinous wood. " A picture is worth a thousand words", see it yourself.

Material Origin: Vietnam, Binh Phuoc, Dong Xoai, wildwood from our own forest

Weight of our 108 mala beads: 20-21 g

Bead size:  8~ 8.5 mm

This beautiful mala has a nice subtle aroma of quality Agarwood, sweet and warm that remind us of a high-quality pure agarwood incense. The mala can be completed with wood bead tassel or gemstones of your choice. 


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