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TRNP Teone Reinthal Oil Perfume Attar - Rose Embers

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Featured NOTES include:- Calabrian Bergamot, Rose Damascena, sustainable Australian-grown Sandalwood, and TRNP signature amber base.

  • The top note Calabrian Bergamot is a refreshing citrusy scent that's perfect for summer days.
  • The middle note Rose Damascena is a rich, floral fragrance with hints of spice.
  • The base note of sustainable Australian-grown Sandalwood is a woody, earthy scent that adds depth and warmth to the perfume.

The sustainable (plantation-grown) Indian sandalwood used in Rose Embers is grown in Western Australia, which is the same species as the Mysore Sandalwood Santalum Album. Unlike our sweet and creamy Australian native varieties that have been harvested for years from Australia's outback regions by indigenous communities, this Australian grown Santalum Album is "more potent, less sweet and woodier than the Mysore and East Indian one."

Dr Teone has included Ta’if rose and Bulgarian Rose otto (steam distilled pure rose essence)

The scent of these two roses is combined to create a truly unforgettable experience. The smell can be described as heavenly and elegant, with just enough sweetness from the amber oils that it doesn't overwhelm your senses or leave anyone feeling overwhelmed by its intensity

- Ta'if Rose: A pure natural representation in fragrance! This rose has blended well with sandalwood but at the same time, the rose notes are still distinctive.

TRNP Perfume Rose Embers is a beautiful, romantic fragrance that's perfect for any occasion.


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