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TRNP Teone Reinthal Oil Perfume - Rose Embers

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Featured NOTES include:- Calabrian Bergamot, Rose Damascena, sustainable Australian-grown Sandalwood, and TRNP signature amber base.


Rose Embers utilises sustainable (plantation-grown) Indian sandalwood, grown in Western Australia.This is the same variety of santalum as the Indian variety (Santalum album), and very different to our sweet and creamy native sandalwood varieties, (Santalum spicatum and lanceolatum). I find this Sant. album to be generally more potent, less sweet and woodier than the Mysore and East Indian varieties I’ve worked with for years. It’s beautiful, but less delicate, more punchy.

To the new Embers formula, I have included Ta’if rose and Bulgarian Rose otto (steam distilled pure rose essence). So this fragrance is simply a heavenly rose/sandalwood amber. Gorgeous, straightforward, necessary.

Below are some reviews of this aromatic Rose and Sandalwood perfume - Rose Embers (source Fragrantica)