Oud Perfume Teone Reinthal Black Spruce - an intensely ambery Oud Mukhallat


Perfume fans absolutely love it.

An Amazing Oud Perfume lets you feel energised and excited.

You look good. Would you like to smell good too?

Dr Teone Reintal’s amazing natural perfume creation is not only for the serious fragrance appreciator, bloggers and collectors but also for someone new to botanical perfume. Black Spruce is one of her many creations, and it has many fans from all over the world. They have been talking about how amazing they feel about this perfume. Here are some examples:

“Black Spruce: My first TRNP fragrance and I am super impressed at the quality of the ingredients, the blending, the packaging and the super fast delivery.

This one opened up on me slightly different to how others had reported - it was a big burst of high-quality oudh at the start, which I loved (wasn’t expecting it) It then quickly moves to a predominately green/woody scent with noticeable fir and spruce. There is also this interesting smokiness constantly lingering in the background.

I have no idea where it comes from - but really nice. Finally - there is a vibe running through it - that I can’t put my finger - that makes it feel kinda vintage, which was also really interesting. Longevity was at least 10-12 hours, which is massive for a natural perfume. Overall I really enjoy it and super impressed with the quality.” SOB111

"I was bowled over by this one. It's a complex, foresty green fragrance with tinges of rose that transforms into a deeply resinous Oudy fragrance. That's right, lots of Vietnamese Ouds! It lasted 10 hours on me, and I could very clearly smell myself throughout the day. Her blending is fascinating with some individual notes being highlighted, while others are combined with each other into a really nice "chord." This is one I need in my collection eventually" SydnorIII

I wear Black Spruce a lot. It truly does have a majesty all it's own. My partner also likes to smell it around the place. It leaves a trail and he knows where I am. I am transported back to horse trekking in the Canadian rockies by that black spruce smell

I JUST CANT BELIEVE IT! Brushing past the prickly spruce and crushing its bark underfoot – waking in log cabins to the snow-tipped breeze blowing down from the mountains, or laying back in thermal rock pools looking up the steep sides of the pine-clad valley to a clear blue distant sky, then plunging into the ice-melt stream, the air just completely laden with spruce spruce spruce..and sultry amber resins. Then huckleberry pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. That is the smell of Canada. And lumberjacks and they're OK. It's my ready for anything scent, bracing and grounding, and adds a fresh intrigue to night liaisons.” Knight Jasmine

Sensuality, like smoke in the air coming out from a man in a dark suit & long coat in the alley. Leather gloves, & brown leather shoes. You can't see him but you can see his back as the smoke flies above him. It's floral, yet smokey with that oud rose mix style but the oakmoss gives the twist of tingly note within. I keep on sniffing something dusty and sandy, some aged Arabian style oud as well. The olibanum is thick in here. This is animalic sexy yet sensual blend. If you want to be known as mysterious and sensual, then wear this. Brilliant.Q80.


"After a brief disturbing flash of syrupy sweetness when first sprayed, it melds into gorgeous dark spruce and oud fragrance, sharply green and deeply resinous. The sweetness retreats completely, and it is just the scent of a remote northern wilderness. Wearing Black Spruce, I’m transported inside a log cabin hut with mud packing the seams between the log walls and spruce boughs hanging from the ceiling. Spruce notes are rarer in fragrance than pine, and spruce sap has a less-sweet character to than pine does, with its almost citrus-like character. This particular spruce note is very well done, it’s very life-like and crisp, one of the most clear examples of spruce I've come across. I don’t particularly love oud in many cases, but it’s very fitting and well-blended here, it dances on the edge of fecal-smelling but never enters that territory and provides a rich woody base. This is a very complex and evocative scent, possibly one of my favourite conifers yet.

Wearing this today and spraying from the bottle as opposed to my plastic sample, the opening is much smoother. Black Spruce is in my top-5 fragrances of all time, maybe even top" by 

Why this perfume attracts much admiration and loves? 

First, the answer lies in the ingredients that Dr Teone chooses.

They are Oakmoss, Oud, Black Spruce, Amyris, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Rose Otto, Vetiver, Birch Tar and Ruh Khus.

You see, some of the ingredients she uses not only difficult to get but also consistent in high quality.

For example, Ruh Kus, a high-cost essential oil that helps you to ease tension, increase your focus. When you wear it, it makes you feel  “cool”, like a breeze on a hot summer day. 

This smell like a “cool wood” and blends well with other woody note. This is where her skill truly shines.

Her perfume blending skill

Let me explain, so she has Ruh Khus which smells like "cool wood". To make this perfume special, she uses warm woody notes to create a contrasting feeling: dark cool vs bright warm. The warm notes are fromVetiver, Sandalwood and our Vietnamese Oud, not little but a lot. How do I know? Because she got it from us. I asked the reasons for pouring oud into this perfume.  She said: "because I am making Oud perfume, so I need to use oud, lots of Oud."

You see, many perfumers say that use Oud in their perfume. But you probably won't feel it because either they use too little or their blending skill is not good enough to make you feel it yet.

Blending skill requires years of experiences. You can't just put 10 essential oil in a bottle with alcohol and call it a perfume. If it is that easy, everybody is a perfumer. Don't you agree?

Better yet, this perfume ages really well. Unlike any ordinary perfumes which are ruin after several years, this perfume gets better. What a nice added feature to have!

I am a fan of this perfume, and I have a bottle from  2017. Every time I smell it, I still can’t believe how good it is.

I urge you to experience this yourself.

Available in

  • alcohol and
  • alcohol-free version (fractionated coconut oil).


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For the next 5 days, I’m going to be diving deeper in the wonderful world of @trnp_official perfumes. Even though TRNP has been around for a while this house is one of the most wonderful discoveries I’ve made in 2020. There’s something so rich, deep, spiritual and magical about this house. The TR in the name stand for the name of the perfumer @teone.reinthal and the NP stands for “natural perfumes” That’s where the magic of this brand lives. This 5 day journey begins with BLACK SPRUCE ($230 USD for 30ml EDP) Notes: oakmoss, oud, black spruce, amyris, sandalwood, frankincense, rose otto, birch tar, ruh khus This is a powerful scent that is both beautiful and majestic. It’s a cold weather scent that is bound to turn heads. This is all about the powerful force of the forrest. It’s a force to be reckoned with. You have to experience this for yourself to see just how amazing this is. If you have tried this one I would love to hear your thoughts on this. #trnpperfume #fragrance #fragrances #perfume #cologne #JoeSCENTMe #finefragrance #fragrancereviews #perfumeenthusiast #perfumecollector #perfumecollection #smellgood #scent #aroma #smell #fragrancecounter #shopping #eaudetoilette #eaudeparfum #influencer #perfumelovers #nichefragrance #nicheperfume #fragranceoftheday #SOTD #parfum #mrcologne76 #ismellgood #perfumes #scentoftheday

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