Oud Perfume Teone Reinthal Oudh Batavia Ambery Oud Mukhallat


"Oudh Batavia on skin today. I now get lemongrass with the cloves in the opening, which is unusual to me but works perfectly. It's like I get three distinct layers with a deep sniff - the spicy clove top with the slight citrusy touch from the lemongrass, a resinous ambery middle and a deep oud base. The smoke note is even more subtle on skin, I don't get it as clearly when sniffing my arm directly, but I catch whiffs of it in the sillage. Even though it has an ambery quality, I feel that the sweetness is dialed down a notch compared to, for example, her floral ouds. The drydown of this is incredible, it's dark and woody with that slight smoke note. Someone mentioned trusting Teone's sense of balance, and I struggle to think of a more well-balanced woody-smoky aspect in a fragrance than what's found here." Avrora


"The fragrance starts off very strongly with a mixture of lemongrass along with cloves and an almost mentholated smell (sort of like Vicks Vapor Rub), I assume the oud mixtures have something to do with this. The smell is extremely smooth, and as it dries, more of the cinnamon comes out along with the vanilla/benzoin, giving off a sweetly spiced amber. Throughout the duration as well there are peeks of burning firewood, I imagine oud has something to do with this, and it is an exceptionally nice touch to the scent."(ularewolf)


Oudh Batavia is a reformulated new release shaped by an early TRNP bestseller from 2012 – Batavia.

Inspired by the beauty of East Java, Indonesia, Teone created this fragrance.

The fragrance opens with smokey clove drifting on a backdrop of lush, tropical native flora grown in volcanic soil with very high rainfall.


As you venture along the shimmering path through the forest, a rich aroma of dense, black Javanese coffee invites you to come and sit in the shade, out of the heat, to rest and reflect as ylang-ylang flowers gently fall from the trees.

The afternoon rains create a heat haze that rises up from the damp ground, carrying a sweet earthy fragrance from the agarwood and vetiver and a slow trance of wonder enfolds you as the meditative kiss of sandalwood incense floats through the air.  



This newly blended version of Batavia is my second scented tribute to Indonesia’s native fragrant wonders :- notes include cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, lemongrass, patchouli, benzoin, vetiver, ylang-ylang, coffee, vanilla beans, sandalwood and 2 varieties of oudh.


I included a very large quantity of Hindi and Vietnamese agarwoods here, to shine light on the dark, fascinating wood dialects of so many carved and elaborate artefacts found throughout Indonesian culture; particularly in its architecture, interior designs and decoration.


The musty pungency of oudh also speaks to the beauty of traditional Javanese hand-printed and handwoven cloth batik, it stands in for the smoke-drift of morning fires, as well as the sharp tang and fragrant weight of so much damp jungle soil and volcanic ash.

Oudh Batavia is an intensely spiced, unisex amber mukhalkat.