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Oud Perfume Attar TRNP Earth and Sky - A fluid meditation

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The perfume story 

On a rainy evening, I paid Teone a visit to learn about her new creations.

Upon arrival, I was grateful to receive her welcome. She was about to take me upstairs to her studio.

As I was about to go stairs, I looked up, and I saw a wall art:  the Goddess of Mercy standing on a lotus. In my mind. The Bodhisattva looked solemn,  and she was healing the world.

We turn left into her private perfume studio. We sat down.

"Have you seen the lotus that Guan Yin was standing on?"


"That is my inspiration for this perfume: The White Lotus. You see, the Lotus grows on the murky water, but it does not have a murky smell. Its flower rises above the water and bloom. The Lotus represents the purity of mind and body."

Teone gave me a sample to try.

It was so good; a feeling of pleasure washed through me. I felt calm, composed and alerted. Not only it smell good, but also it lasted long. I could feel it present the next morning. It takes years of experience to concoct this perfume. Allow me to explain.

White Lotus is a harmonious blend. It is no ordinary perfume but fluid meditation. When you meditate, this perfume will relax and calm you down. 

Some people think that botanical perfume is just a mix of different essential oils together. While it is true, they can never make the same smell as a talented perfumer.

You will experience the perfume's complexity, and simply mixing essential oils will not offer you the same scent profile.

I am humbled to say I have tried some of the many botanical perfumes. And I believe Teone's skill is genuinely different, and This perfume is an example.

"Its true purpose seeks benevolent transformation in our world, for us to soften our hearts to each other and for humanity to reemerge as brilliant butterflies of renewal, joy and freedom.

This is a scented prayer for peace. A perfumed cascade of renewal and love. A tranquil dream where silvery moonbeams light the way."

Who is it for

If you had bad experiences with natural perfume, I would urge you to give this perfume ago.

If you are a fan of oud agarwood oil and like botanical perfume, it is a safe choice for you.

For someone who has not used Oud before and who does not like barnyard oud, this perfume will blow your mind



Special oil version

FEATURED NOTES include:- Yuzu, White Tea, Ginger Lily, Osmanthus, Tuberose, Mimosa, Anise Myrtle, Fennel, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Ambrette Seed, Australian Sandalwood, Mysore Sandalwood, Vietnamese Oudh, Hindi Oudh and aged Sumatran Patchouli.