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Premium Handmade Wild Agarwood Bracelet 18mm - Sand-polished finish


Origin: Indonesia, Borneo

Size: 18 mm, 13 beads

Weight: 23g-24g

Aroma: Warm and rich woody scent with sweet notes


Wild Agarwood beads from the Borneo region

Dimension 18mm is a larger size for a big wrist 

For the weight of 23g, this hand sand polished agarwood bracelet is crafted for someone with a big wrist. 

Are you looking for a larger size agarwood bracelet? If yes, this bracelet is for you.

Are you looking for agarwood beads with a subtle scent? This is for you, warm woody grassy is its main note (subject to each individual olfactory)

Please enjoy by looking at its resinous image.