Sacred Ground- An Oud Fragrance Breakthrough


The story of this fragrance I am about to tell you is the absolute truth, as it is incredible as it may seem.

It all started in Dr Teone’s studio, a natural perfumer. One day, she wanted to create a perfume featured Australian native plants. After some research, she came up with some prestigious ingredients from all over Australia. Then she bought them all and started to experience them. These ingredients are valuable, unique and only available in Australia.

Let me introduce to you how special they are

Brown Boronia from Tasmania

These exotic rich and fragrant flower are extracted with food-grade hexane ( a type of safe, non-toxic gas) to produce a semi-solid, called “concrete”. This “concrete” then extracted again to make a purer brown liquid called “Absolute”. This absolute has fresh fruity and a rich tenacious floral undertone. Brown Boronia highly sought-after oil. Vendors retail it at $22,550 AUD per kg.

Brown Boronia is the main ingredient of this luxurious perfume. 

Creamy Australian Sandalwood from Western Australia

I tried this Western Australian sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) at Dr Teon’s place. It is creamy and woody. This sandalwood oil has been exported to other countries for many years because of its high-quality. Buyers are incense manufacturers, perfumers and cosmetic producers.

A sweeter, more floral Santalum from Far North Queensland

The second sandalwood species (Santalum lanceolatum) are native to Queensland. They are grown by Indigenous people; it has a lower oil content compared to the Western Australian one. But they are sweeter and more floral.

Rare Blue Cypress from the Tiwi Islands,  Northern Territory,

This oil has another name called Northern Australian Cypress Pine. This oil alone is blue in colour—a smooth, sweet woody aroma.

Honey Myrtle, from South Australia

This oil has a pleasant, cheerful, delicate, fresh lemon note, with a hint of honey aroma - a great bonus to have in perfume.

Nerolina (Melaleuca quinquenervia) from New South Wales

An earthy, citrus aroma. Adding this will enhance the sandalwood notes in perfume.

Do the above ingredients sound great to you? 

And it is getting better. 

When Dr Teone blended these ingredients with her formula, she had in front of her a viscous brown, aromatic solution.

From this solution, she can make an incredible perfume out of it.

One customer described it as "walking through a dry, Australian forest in the summer heat."

Others said it was "solid medicinal, soft woody and sweet sandalwood."

 I can't say for others, but I also experienced it myself. I feel two outstanding notes: dried floral, a bit of herbaceous, medicinal and sweet woody.

But wait, there are more...

You are about to experience more than just “incredible.”

This perfume alone was great. Here are some great reviews on Fragantica.

But Dr Teone has improved her own "great" perfume by pouring TWO different pure Oud into her original formula.

The two Ouds are:

the Zen Path Oud oil

A pleasant sweet woody oud oil

And the Sweet Herbal Spice Oud Oil

A sweet-spicy herbaceous oud

These two Ouds are game-changers. They transform this perfume from great to greater. This perfume is a new breed of fragrance.

One of the immediate notice is the tenacity of the floral and oud notes. 


You see, the ingredients of this perfume are great, but without Dr Teone’s skill and creativity, you will only experience the scent of the great individual.

This perfume has both: great ingredients composed by a great perfumer.

If you have ever blended essential oils, then you would know what I mean. Without the right ratio, you only can make an essential oil blend. They are great, and everybody can do it.

But to compose a perfume out of essential oils, mixing all essential oils together does not do the job.

Here is a great analogy:

If you give the same ingredients to two chefs in two identical kitchens and ask them to cook the same dish for you, most likely you will find that one chef cooks and presents the dish better than others. 

So we have a list of many incredible ingredients, and we have a great perfumer, Dr Teone, who put everything together to make this perfume -Sacred Ground.

It is available in two versions.

3ml luxury mukhallats (a mixture of Oud oil and different essential oils)

Undiluted rare and precious essence perfume blends in mukhallat bottle. These mukhallats are original TRNP compositions incorporating premium natural ingredients.

6ml oil parfums diluted 

In this 6ml bottle, there are

  • 2.1 ml of the precious essences
  • 3.9 ml of fractionated coconut oil

If you convert this to a percentage, it is 35% of the essences. Essences are the main ingredients of this perfume. And the higher the percentage, the more potent the perfume becomes

To give you an idea, on the market, other perfumers only have 5% to 15% of the essences; the rest would be alcohol or oil-based. At this ratio, the scent is visible and detectable. Imagine the rate of 35%, how potent would this perfume be?

Dr Teone also uses fractionated coconut oil as an optimum medium. You may wonder why?

Because it is a stable, odourless oil that is extremely resistant to oxidisation, it means it would keep the precious essences (your perfume) good for decades.

The price is ridiculously high?

I understand why you are saying this. On the current market, other vendors are selling Brown Boronia around $150 AUD for 50ml.  So why are we charging $125 AUD for 6ml?

First, this is up to 15% concentration or even 20%  (15 to 20% of the essences). The one you are looking at is at 35%

Second, our Sacred Ground contains two different versions of Oud: 

Zen Path and Sweet Herbal Spice. The retail price for these two Oud is 

  • Sweet Herbal Spice $23333 AUD per litre
  • Zen Path: $33,333 AUD per litre

You may have seen Boronia perfume in the market, but have you seen one that has a high percentage of it? Even better, have you seen there are also Oud in that perfume?

Personally, I have not, and even Dr Teone has not. That is why we worked together to release this perfume.

Who would like this perfume?

If you are a collector, you like rare, hard to find items; this is the one for you.

If you love natural extracts, especially woody, deep tenacious dried floral, and woody notes, then you will love this one.

If you are an Oud mukhallat lover, then you will fall in love with this one. Be one of the first customers who experience this extraordinary one. You may experience Oud alone, you may even experience Brown Boronia alone, but as mukhallat containing both of these precious oils, have you tried it yet?

Who would not like this perfume? 

I have listed all the ingredients per above. If you don’t like any of the above, please do not order this perfume.

How does it smell

Don't expect a "heady" "intense" aroma on the first application. This perfume is slightly sweet,  a bit of fruity and a rich tenacious woody floral undertone. There is no alcohol in this fragrance.

After 30 minutes, the fragrance will become sweeter and woodier. This oil will reveal itself slowly in many hours.

You can also apply it in a piece of cotton and leave it on your desk. When a breeze comes, it will bring the Sacred Ground to you again and again.