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Scent of Enlightenment- The Mesmerizing Sweetness Liquid Gold - Wild Agarwood Oil steam distillation

100% pure agarwood oil

Warning: slightly barnyard (leathery) in the beginning then dissipate over time.

This is one of the finest agarwood oil which is an absolute pleasure to experience. If you have never tried oud before, try this as this could surpass some of the wild stuff easily. It is super sticky as it is distilled from highly resinous wood and aged for several years.

It has a sweet main note of our Supreme Borneo, with a top note of super dried woody, and... slight sour plum. It is so tempting that you would want to taste it (please DO NOT drink it, it will not taste sweet and sour )

After several minutes, the note of agarwood incense is detectable, you would experience an excitement washed through your mind.

Try this,

1) Put a small on your wrist

2) Do not rub, use your finger to  "dab several times "

3) Smell again, and experience the difference