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Shoyeido Premium Sandalwood incense: Beckoning Spring/ Shunyou

  • Full package 14 grams ( approx 35 sticks), 18 cm
  • Burning time: 40 mins approx per stick
  • Main note:

Talking about incense, Japanese has a long history of using incense from the Asuka period 6th century when Buddhism was introduced and became popular during the Edo period. The incense was burned on many occasions from ceremonies, rituals to meditation and daily life activities. It since becomes an important practice among all classes in Japanese culture. Shoyeido is the traditional Japanese incense company established in 1705. Through 300 years, Shoyeido incense has been refined and known for highest quality incense made from the finest natural ingredients with the excellent expertise and craftsmanship.

Beckoning Spring or Shunyou is the highest grade incense of Shoyeido premium sandalwood incense. Just like its name, the incense is so vibrant and refreshing with high-quality sandalwood that brings the earthy sweetness into the air along with the warm musky scent from patchouli and the coolness from borneol. All have created a picture of the living beings in early Spring days with blooming flowers, new green leaves, warm rays of sunshine and the remained cool breeze from Winter. Spring is the time of renewal and growth.