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Specialty 100% Pure Super Merauke Wild Agarwood (Oud) Oil - Steam Distillation



With steam distillation, there is no pungent or sharp scent to start with, this oil is extremely smooth with a very sweet note and pleasant scent, in the beginning,  originated from Merauke Indonesia.

Similar to a fine perfume, the next layer would be woodsy, followed by wild flower from the jungle. 

Raw material

Have you been  into the jungle before? Image while it is raining and you find a shelter, sitting there you would sniff a wet, minty of grass scent. 

It is so evocative that one of the Maori who has never smelled Oud be re, mentioned that she felt something familiar, back home in a raining jungle. Her childhood was brought back, something beautiful.

Unlike other, it is so smooth that almost everyone could try and like it in the first go.

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Ann N

You can't go wrong with this

Thank you for bringing this lovely one back. Distinctive Oud scent, very clean and fresh. Totally love it

Alex Khan

3rd time coming back for this

words to describe is hard. Quality is excellent, I and my friends love it. Thank you

Suzanne P.

Wild Oud

I have never used Oud oil before nor had I herd of it, though I have been using the best quality EO's I could find for over 40 yrs. I came across it when looking a boutique oil business. (no I didn't buy there's) I hope your trees grow in an agent-orange etc free area. I cannot compare this Oud oil to another of a different tree type. Regardless. I find this oil alluring, subtle, uplifting and irresistible plus alittle euphoric. To me, it first has a smoky odour, that of an open fire out in the bush on a moonlit night. Then it softens to a sweet woody smell of the bush after rain fall. Come the end of the day I can still smell it on me. I have worn it durning meditation but cannot say I noted a difference. I try again. I love it and I wold very much like to see it in a delicate looking, protective bottle that such an exquisite oil deserves. Suz