The BPB - Vietnamese Wild Agarwood Bracelet 14.5mm- 15g


Environmental friendly wild agarwood bracelet.

WTF? Wild agarwood but environmental friendly? Impossible you said.

What if we told you the reasons

This bracelet is made from the wild agarwood log harvested in our own 450-hectare forest in Binh Phuoc Dong Xoai Vietnam

You got it directly from us, directly from the source

Where else can you find this genuine quality, yet under $500 AUD, wild agarwood bracelet?

Just one click of a button, this bracelet is yours.

Only one available 

Check out the fool-proof images, resin evenly distributed

  Origin: Vietnamese Wild Agarwood, in our own forest

Bead size: 14.5 mm

Bead number: 15 beads

Perfect fit for 17mm wrist size