*New* The Marble Trilogy - Wild Borneo Agarwood 108 mala - number 1

8mm dimension, 29g of weight, have you seen it before? Probably yes but not quite often :)

Click herefor the Marble Trilogy Wild Borneo Agarwood Bracelet number 2 and 3



First thing first, most of us have seen marble stone, and from the surface of this log, we decided to name our finished products this way

It does look like marble does it? High-ticket marble agarwood ball :)

Scent profile: bittersweet spicy

We do have a spare bead and a small piece of the remaining material for you do whatever you want to do. If you want to know how it smells like under fire or under high heat, you would have a chance to do so






As you can see, the image tells itself the authenticity of the 108 mala agarwood. If you are still in doubt, especially someone who wants 1000% right, take this piece to a lab for peace of mind.

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