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*New* The Mini Fragrant Wood - Hand-selected Aromatic "Wild" Agarwood Chips


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These  fine qualtiy, "portable" fragrant agarwood chips are ready to use without further breaking them


We hand-picked  them for your own conveniences

You fall in love with the scent of heating Agarwood (oud) chips. But quite often, you found the size of these chips are larger than ideal. 

When you heat agarwood chips, you break them in half because you only need a small amount of them.

Breaking agarwood chips is not fun because sometimes they are not so breakable. So you burn the whole piece.

Then you wonder why you used more than you need.

To break agarwood chips, you can get a small saw, or a pair of sharp scissors to cut them.


Alternatively, you can get these Mini Fragrant Wood Agarwood Chips

What so special about these Mini Fragrant Wood Agarwood Chips?

In our Binh Phuoc Dong Xoai Vietnam agarwood plantation, we have many Aquilaria trees. Some of these trees,  there is only one action that we do: drilling many holes to them.

We drill holes and left them for the nature do the work: creating Agarwood for many years.

So technically, it  fits the Wild Agarwood definition because these trees are grown in our forest, and the Agarwood formed by itself.  But we will disclose this to you because we want you to know these chips are harvested ethically and they are similar to the wild. You can heat them without guilt.

As these chips are the work of nature, their size vary. Some of the larger chips, we grind them down to make incense while the average size, we export them to incense manufacturers.

The smaller chips, we select them and put aside. After a while, we accumulate a few kilos. Quite often, these chips are in demand and sold before we have a chance to list them.

But we want to share this beauty to you, so we reserve a small, limited amount to you

What does it smell like?

Cool, crips, sweet with spiciness. 

Some experienced agarwood users gave us feedback that it smelled like "Wild Nha Trang Agarwood".

How to use them

  • Light the charcoal  and wait for 3 minutes until a thin layer of ash formed
  • Put the mica plate on top of the charcoal
  • Place one of these Mini  Fragrant Wood chip on top of the mica plate.
  • You will see a thin layer of smoke rising up
  • Enjoy the heave fragrance