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The rarest fragrance wood on earth: Ky nam, Kyara, 奇楠

“古人说: 要积了三辈子的阴德,才能闻得奇楠香, 要八辈子修来的福气,才可品或饮用奇楠香.”

There was an ancient saying that: "it takes 3 lifetimes  of saint (good behavior for good karma)   to see the genuine Ky Nam, takes 8 lifetimes of good fortune (the aura of happiness due to good karma) to consume (appreciate) Ki nam.

In brief, Ki nam is extremely rare, is a tiny subset within aloeswoods, .The only tree which Ky nam could be found is the wounded Aquilaria Crassna which is available in Vietnam

The the piece of Kinam in the above picture, price is from  $400,000 USD per kg for the genuine, good quality one. There are many counterfeit one as it is easy to fool someone who has little or no knowledge about this field.

In room temperature, the fragance of agarwood sometimes is vague but not Ky nam which gives a strong, penetrating smell.

High quality  incense powder contains Ki nam ((or Ky nam, kyara)  is available here

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