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zz-SOLD OUT-zz-The Sacred Prayer- Wild Thai-Cambodian Oud

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Warning: Extremely Overwhelming, NOT for someone who has not experienced Oud before.

A process of development

With a strong barnyard note at first, over time, after interacting with your skin (and yes, different part of your body WILL develop a different smell), it changes to something beautiful, something like the Noble Spirit. Eventually, you will find the sweet woody vanalic Oud note in the end when the barnyard scent dissipated.The scent will last several days if dabbed in a piece of napkin.

Experienced user or Oud addicts will love this. If A grade is good, this was labelled at AAAAA (5A) by our distillers,

Smelling this is similar to coloring  therapy, you start to forget all of your surrounding. You only keep sniffing and this will be the only task. You will be in your own world.

You will start to appreciate the nature and become more alert. Your mind is clearer.

This is the very same oil which Arabians and Kuwaitis, use in their prayer carpets or clothes.

Take a deep sniff, you first feel the grassy and "horse poo" (put it this way for easy imagination), follow by strong woody scent, eventually real itself into something sweet.

This is an aged batch from 2009. 

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    JAMES M.

    SUPER STRONG AND SUPER GOOD BARNYARD. Leathery type of barnyard NOT the "dirty" distilling type. My brain was numb for a few seconds hahaha. Very good