*New* The Patience of A Saint- 108 Wild Agarwood mala beads 32g/34g

Weight: Over 32g and 34g

Region: Both from Borneo Region

This 108 mala beads were made with pride and patience.

A paint staking process from choosing the right part, designing the direction, applying the right cut. It takes months to accomplish this masterpiece from finding the suitable material to completing this mala. It actually required the patience of a saint to do so. Each bead was carefully made to maximize the resin content represent a good virtue. Be patience you will reach a new horizontal.

Aroma: detectable when  placed close to your nose: warm, vanillic and woody. If you have burn agarwood incense, you could find that scent in this too.

There are two beads made in this batch: 32g and 34g suitable for collector.