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TRNP Attar Oil Perfume - Dragon Boat - A Bright Green Refreshing Fragrance

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 Dragon Boat

A Bright Green Refreshing Fragrance

Source: Pikbest

The scent scape

The tea house is located on a mountain overlooking the ocean where dragon boats are sailing. The tea house has a unique atmosphere, with its walls made of brick and its roof made of clay. The tea house is also decorated with traditional Chinese lanterns.

Source: Unplash

The tea house is very cozy and the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of tea.

The rainy weather outside the tea house is quite relaxing. The rain is falling gently and makes some dripping melodies when it hits the clay roof.  The sky is dark, the clouds are low and fluffy, and the air is fresh and cool. The ocean looks like a giant sheet of glass, and the dragon boats look like they are floating on it. The tea house is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea in rainy weather with a view of the ocean with many sailing Dragon Boat.

The name of the perfume, Dragon boat and its scent is a perfect representation of what it smells like. A refreshing, bright and green aroma that energises you and brings joy to your heart with every respiration session.

Notes such as Jasmine Grandiflorum (a type of Jasmin), Osmanthus(an aquatic flower native to Asia) honeysuckle alongside green tea make up this beautiful aroma which will refreshen any day just by inhalation.

The smell captures memories linked to both rainy days spent at teahouses overlooking the water where boats were afloat on tranquil waters.

There's something about Jasmine Grandiflorum that screams summertime. Maybe it's how its delicate floral aroma seems to waft through the air or how its sweet scent lingers long after you have smelled it.


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