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TRNP Oil Perfume Attar Raven - A Rose Chypre Limited Edition

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Only Available At Grandawood

Delight in the aromatic bliss of the TRNP Oil Perfume Attar Raven

Experience the luxurious, heady aroma of attar perfume with Raven.

This limited-edition oil-based scent is a rose chypre, featuring top notes of damask rose, Rose De Mai, and osmanthus, with heart notes of ylang-ylang and cypriol. The base notes of oakmoss, labdanum, and patchouli give this perfume its earthy, woody depth. TRNP Oil Perfume Attar Raven is intensely rose-scented, making it perfect for rose lovers.

The smell of Damask rose is floral and sweet, with a hint of fruity undertones.

May rose has a slightly musky scent, while Osmanthus is rich and green.

Meanwhile, the fragrance of Ylang-ylang is soft and delicate, with subtle notes of jasmine and bergamot.

Cypriol is woody and smoky

Oakmoss lends a deep, earthy base to the scent.

Finally, Labdanum and Patchouli add depth and richness to the perfume, with their warm and spicy notes.