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TRNP Oil Perfume Attar Ritual

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Unisex TRNP Attar Ritual

A mesmerising and unique fragrance for the modern explorer. This oil-based perfume is perfect for the person who wants something different. With top notes of tuberose, lemon and tobacco, it has a strange and alluring appeal. 

Icy-cold like a winter morning, this fragrance is bright and refreshing. The mentholated blast at the opening gives way quickly to fresh tobacco mixing with sandalwood on your skin as you wear it all day long-- layers upon delicate layers that become more complex in depth but never lose their simplicity due simply because there are so many different elements going into each one!

Ritual has aromas of India and the Middle East, as well as a distinctive, punchy character. It's exotic and strong.

""The circle-path of life and all it’s customary steps. We breathe in. We are reverent, banal, loving, tormented and tranquil in the game of life. We play to feel, and when we lose, we go again… step by step… Each moment is filled with the perfume of the Ritual" - TRNP
Trust us when we say this scent is unforgettable. It's the perfect choice for the person who loves adventure and who wants to make a bold statement.

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