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TRNP Oil Perfume Byzantium

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The allure of Byzantium: A Perfume Oil for Men and Women

There was a lady who liked to stand in front of a beach. The breeze from the ocean made her feel excited. She loved the scent of the sea and exotic goods in the coastal village.

She found these scents in the Byzantium.

She felt like she was in a different world entirely, one full of romance and mystery. The oil made her feel confident and alluring, and she felt like the queen of her own world. She felt so energetic that she could conquer her day while wearing this perfume.


 Byzantine (pure parfum oil) - Ocean breezes from the prismatic Black Sea, glints of azure and turquoise light reflecting off ships laden with exotic goods crossing from the Mediterranean, tender breezes drifting down from Turkey and Bulgaria's rose fields. Sweet green herbs, orchards, battles, and legends

 The first scent on the list is Ambre Amber, which begins with bergamot and cypress astringent green notes that give way to the delicate romance of jasmine auriculatum, Turkish rose, Arabian jasmine, ambrette seed-accented by patchouli, labdanum, and benzoin - a note from TRNP.