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TRNP Oil Perfume Attar Pink Lotus

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This is an oil-based perfume (non-alcoholic)

Lady, you will love it !

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From TNRP:

Featured NOTES include:- An utterly exquisite batch of Rose de Mai, Pink Lotus absolute and East Indian sandalwood.

I’ve composed many rose fragrances, from dark and boozy, to jammy, then lemony and even green, with thorns intact. This is my favourite rose perfume, simply due to two factors, a superb batch of Rose de Mai, unlike any I’ve smelled before, and the way in which this fragrance has captured so much oxygen; it’s so airy, and the scent permeates the room with delicate pink lotus and roses, and gradually departs, leaving behind a trailing silk tail of East Indian sandalwood. It’s a perfume to mark those truly special occasions that arise in life and is probably best suited for those in the process of falling head over heels in love


Review From Fragrantica