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Small talk: Agarwood beads and gemstones, the benefits with style

April 05, 2016 2 min read

Since a long time ago, people have been wearing agarwood wood pieces as amulets to protect themselves from evil spirits. Noble families believed High-quality Agarwood to bless the highland people from mountains and forests ' poisonous Qi. This practice is similar to giving babies wild mulberry wood bracelets to help them stay calm, provide good sleep and protect them from evil spirits. Furthermore, people thought agarwood could to disperse negative energy, replace with positive energy and bring lucks and inner peace to wearers. When combined with crystal and semi- gemstones beads, their healing properties and benefits will enhance.

One of our clients visited us and wished to have her bracelet customised. She would like to have a bracelet that could help her in meditation. Besides, she was also interested in the Water Element. We recommend Aquamarine and Amethyst gemstones as they are suitable stones for meditation, calming energies and reducing stress. She also loved the bluish tone of the gems which is a perfect match

However, there was a concern that too many Aquamarine beads would increase her sensitivity and promote self-expression and could make her too emotional.  We then had a quick look through the gemstones tray, and this time we let her choose the stones she was interested in.

She came up with Red Jasper, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Gold Obsidian and Onyx. We then decided to omit Obsidian as for its too powerful effects and used Onyx instead.






We were quite happy with the combination we got, including Red Jasper, Chrysocolla, Onyx and Turquoise in both colours and benefits. Red Jasper is a nurturing stone that

  • brings tranquillity and calmness during stressful periods,
  • grounds energy and provides protection.

Chrysocolla and Turquoise are

  • communication stones that help relationships and heal personal interactions.

During meditation,

  • Chrysocolla encourages self-awareness and helps to find inner balance
  • Turquoise helps stabilise mood swings, disperses negative energy and provides well-being.
  • Onyx is also an excellent healing stone that provides support in a difficult situation and healing old grief.

All together created a harmonious bracelet that balances emotion, enhances calmness, provokes concentration and devotion in meditation, draws out negative emotion, disperses negative energy and brings tranquillity. We complete the bracelet with a pretty Lotus sterling silver charm, the symbol of purity and divinity.

Both of us were delighted with the result, and the bracelet suited her well. We appreciate all customised bracelets/ mala orders as we can work together with our clients. We understand their concerns and needs to create the beads they love and especially made for them, tailored to their styles and personalities.




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