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*New* The SCE Sample set: 3 x Agarwood (oud) Supercritical CO2 extract oils - 0.5 ml x 3

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Looking for something truly unique?

Look no further than our Agarwood Co2 sample set.

Featuring three different types of oil extracted using Supercritical CO2, this set is perfect for those looking for a long-lasting aroma with a complex, warm flavour.

Whether you're drawn to the woody notes or the sweet, vanillic aroma of agarwood, we've got you covered in the Heaven Smoke Double and Triple Happiness.

Plus, our aged Peated Oud agarwood oil has been fermented to smell like single malt whisky - perfect for the discerning connoisseur.


Does essential oil overwhelm you?

Dear friend

You love to smell things. You like botanical perfume, but you worry it may affect others around you. While the perfume resonates with you, it overwhelms others around you. For this reason, you only like the "gentle" scents.

Gentle scents are scents that are not so volatile. To you, less is more.

You care for others, and when applying perfume, you use just enough that only you can smell it. You like nature fragrance, something pleasant and evocative. So you bought yourself some woody essential oils. Cedarwood, sandalwood, and other woody scent are your favourites.

Then you have heard of agarwood oil (oud). The first time you tried it, it did not resonate with you because it numbed your nose. It was so pungent. You hated it. You are confused.

You started to doubt the product. You wondered if this was actual oud as everyone spoke highly of it. So you have been trying to love it, but it is not your cup of tea.

Maybe you are sensitive to it because oud essential oil is very volatile. 

You are not alone because most people feel this way the first time they tried it.

Let me tell you a story: "The lift incident".

She smells like a "walking chemical warehouse."

I knew a friend who loved perfume but having difficulties getting what he wanted on the market. He was an introvert and liked to keep things to himself.

In the past, he and I went to a special event. Upon arrival, we waited for the lift in the lobby.

"Ding". The lift door opened, and everyone entered—6 people inside that lift. 

He breathed and realised that some fragrance was numbing his nose. We tried to find the source of the smell. 

It was a lady with heavy makeup on her face. She was looking at the lift mirror and styling her hair with a fragrant hair sprayer. She then sprayed her fragrance multiple times, and it was overpowering. After that, she took out a bottle of deodorant and spritzed under her armpit discreetly. I noticed this because of the "Shhhhh" sound from the nozzle. The mixture of smell made some people coughed, including us.

When the door stopped at level 10, the event was as soon as that lady walked out. Everybody gasped for air. It was so intense. It was so difficult to breathe. I overheard people said she smelled like a "chemical warehouse".

"You smelled like wood."

After one minute, we settled in for the event, which runs for 2 hours. After that, people danced. 

My friend invited a lady, and they started dancing for 20 minutes. 

That night, when we went home, he told me that his dancing partner said to him that he smelled like wood.

  • "But you did not wear perfume today. I did not smell anything," I asked.
  • "Oh, I only applied four dabs. Two behind my ears and two on my neck."
  • "that is?" I was a little surprised

Thinking for a minute, I recalled my friend pulled his dancing partner close up to him in some moves, so I guessed that is how she sensed it.

He revealed to me that the oil he used was not a perfume but a CO2 extract oud oil that contained many low volatile molecules. It lasted longer, and people only smell it when they are close to him. He only shared this with someone he cared for. Fast-forward today, the dancing lady is his girlfriend now. 

So if you are the person who wants to keep the scent to yourself, you love something subtle and sacred. I got good news for you. These three ouds (agarwood oil)will make you smile.

You will get ALL three oils per below at a special price ($23.90 less). However, if you want to try out any of them individually, you can also add them separately to your cart per below.

You probably heard "oud" all the times. You have seen it in perfume but have not tried it before. Trust me; hearing is not enough. What people tell you about oud may be very different from the actual oud is because the smell is difficult to describe. There are more than a hundred varying oud smell.

"Smelling is believing". Get these 3 for yourself to experience.

Why should you try it?

It is a lifetime experience. Believe it or not, not many people have an opportunity to try it. I can tell you confidently, even we grow these Aquilaria trees and distil them, our neighbours who farm different fruit trees have not tried them yet. 

It is not something you can buy in the supermarket or department store.

In the past, they were so rare. Thanks to technology, we can now cultivate it.

It takes a decade to grow these Aquilaria Sinensis trees to grow. During these years, some may die prematurely. Trees that survive through these years do not have agarwood inside them.

It takes another two years to create the agarwood and months to process it before turning them into the oil. The return on investment is too long (12 years minimum), so many farmers give up before they even started.

What do they smell like

These agarwood oils are extracted with trade-secret formula making it super woody and lasts. 

Unlike the hydrodistillation method, this unique method of extraction "Soul Extractor" technique captures the sweet woodiness scent from the tree, making it is smooth, woody and sweet to resist (the Heaven Smoke)

"Soul Extractor" is the CO2 Supercritical fluid extract method. With this type of extraction, we will get more of the non-volatile components of the wood compared to the hydrodistillation. As a result, this type of oil does not overwhelm you because there are fewer volatile molecules, but it lasts longer. It suits you who like to keep things to yourself.

Some people love the leathery smell in a new car or a bag because it feels so masculine. It is also very mesmerising. Understanding this particular need, we crafted the Peated Oud for someone who craves this smokey leather smell.

  • The Double Happiness Heaven Smoke 0.5 ml sample. Click herefor more information.
  • The Triple Happiness Heaven Smoke 0.5 ml sample. Click here for more information. <-- please note this is a wild oud oil
  •  The Peated Oud 0.5ml sample. Click here to learn more about the whisky oud.

 You will not be disappointed. Experience the woodiness yourself. These 3 ouds will change your concept of oud smell.


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    Nicole D.
    Australia Australia

    Well worth the investment

    Paying attention to the instructions given on the website is essential as the oil is very thick. Well worth the investment.

    A Grandawood- Agarwood Australia Customer
    Michael H.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Co2 - An Essential Oud Experience

    I cannot encourage you enough to take the risk and explore these oils. They are utterly unique. To my mind, they bridge the gap between the heated wood experience and conventional hydro distilled oil. Expect intoxicating creamy vanillic notes tethered to damp wood, raw earth and bitter brandy cream. Do they develop on the skin? In my experience yes. they evolve into something distinct from what you smell from within the glass. More towards the sweet vanillic end of the spectrum in comparison to the intensel zingy, sharp wood of conventional distillates. it is such a pleasure, and a privilege to have such a unique offering from a company right here in AUS. Thank you!

    • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? Yes
    • What do you like? rich woodiness
    • Anything that you don't like? none