Agarwood Chips

The infected wood, agarwood (Oud or Oudh) , from the tropical tree known as Aquilaria, is renowned internationally for its legendary scent. Enjoy unique aroma in the most direct way by heating them: Agarwood Chips.

There are two categories of Agarwood chips are commonly seen on the market including wood chunks and wood chips. Our Agarwood chips are graded from high to super quality that will bring enjoyment when burnt .

Agarwood chips are very effective in refreshing and purifying the air, eliminating tobacco smokes,  musty  and unpleasant odors. It is believed to be able to disperse negative energy out of the house and attract good energy. Agarwood chips are used in holy ceremonies, given as house warming gifts or simply for steaming clothes.

Agarwood chips are great for tea or scent ceremony, you can enjoy your favorite cup of tea at the same time immerse  in the delicacy of  aromatic atmosphere. It is also a unique and luxurious way to start a conversation with friends and family members. Their usages are versatile.

Agarwood chips are made mainly from Vietnamese Agarwood plantation site

Heat them by using charcoal tablets or incense burner to create a holy aura, sweet, spice woody fragrance

agarwood chip SOLD- Agarwood chip Nghe Tinh
agarwood chip SOLD- Agarwood chip Nghe Tinh
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