Return and Refund

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For agarwood (oud) oil, please apply on skin only, DO NOT INGEST, DO NOT CONSUME INTERNALLY

Return and refund

Please choose carefully as Grandawood, at its absolute discretion, reserves the right not to offer an exchange or refund for change of mind.

However, in special circumstances which we might consider: Return item needed to be unused and remains on its original package 7 days only on Incense, and woodchip  from the day of receiving based on Australian Post tracking system. Please note return postages are at buyer's expenses. These item will be weighted (especially incenses and woodchip) against the original order for refunding purpose on pro rata base.

In relation to our agarwood leaves (tea): Although there are multiple scientific researches about its benefit, result may vary as it is NOT possible to research on our individual, in any case if you experience any side affect (we have not seen any so far but it does not mean it would not happen), please STOP usage immediately. 


If you are unhappy about a particular product, please email us at, we are endeavor to resolve it with you.

There is no refund in agarwood oil (Oud oid) as you could appreciate, no one would like a "second hand" or used oil due to reasons of hygiene. Please imagine, someone used the oil, and decided to post it back and you ending up receiving it. To compromise this issue, a sample size 0.5ml  of oils are being offered to try out before committing to a larger order.

Really? but Why? Please read on

Oud oil is not for everyone. Many of you who have not tried this before may find this appalling, please try sample set first before committing in a larger order. Please note there is no refund if you simply “do not like it” or “change of mind”.
Reason: We are unable to sell “used” or “open” oil to our customers. It is a simple hygienic reason. 

How would you feel if you paid for a product. But that product was "opened" or "used" by other people? Would you be happy about it?


There is also no refund on agarwood beads. We are happy to provide extra pictures for the items on request. 

Please note any orders in Australia, general rules from the ACCC applied