Grandawood Agarwood Incenses

agarwood smoke

Agarwood means "sinking fragrance", the divine aroma  which was formed when the air blends in with oleo resin leaking from the wounds on Aquilaria tree, gradually tempered by time, sun, wind  and other climate conditions to become the universal holy aroma.

Agarwood incense is made of resinous heartwood pulp of Agarwood tree. It is commonly used in sacred ceremonies to show our respect to our ancestors and God. Agarwood incense's ethereal aroma brings energy to calm the mind and spirit, enhances sense of peace, brings alertness and provides devotion for meditation. Our premium (Evergreen) Agarwood incense is made of 100% high and premium grade Agarwood with no harmful chemicals, fillers and totally safe for health. (everything is made of chemical, even human body, the key is non toxic). Please be ware of "so-called" Agarwood incense retailed at $1.95 per pack of 10 g as perhaps there is only synthetic oil in it. 

Ingredient: 100% pure agarwood plus natural binder without any other mix. Unlike other incenses which are mainly saw dust, dipped into fragrance oil, Grandawood Incenses are made of genuine premium ingredient. 

To enjoy the fragrance, light the incense up at one end and secure it into a holder, sit back and start picking up the "node". Similar to music enjoyment, instead of using ear, your nose or olfactory skill is used this time.

If for some reason, you could not detect the scent:

  1. Walk out the room and close the door (please note keep it away from flammable liquid gas or any objects which catch fire easily)
  2. Do something else and come back in 1 minute, you would feel the differences as your nose start picking up
  3. Our incenses contain no chemical, you would not notice any intense fragrance or sharp scent immediately but slowly like ocean wave calmly, coming to you and fill the room..