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About Us

Actually, let's re-write it because it should really be "ABOUT YOU"

  • You are passionate about agarwood, hence you found us through the search engine? Isn’t it why you are here to find out more about this precious tree?
  • You want genuine agarwood, whether 100% pure Agarwood (Oud) oil, or Agarwood incenses, or Agarwood tea, or even Agarwood beads, we cater them all. In short, you have come to the online Agarwood Centre


First online agarwood store in Australia 2014.

Grandawood was found in 2014, selling only agarwood tea (full leaves and bags) at the time.  After receiving positive feedback from our customers regarding our sleeping aid benefit, it was decided to introduce our agarwood products into Australia. 

At Grandawood we are a team of agarwood growers and traders in Vietnam and Australia. Most of our cultivated products including oils, incenses and hand-crafted beads are made/ distilled in house. For wild, we work with our hunters. If you are looking for oud fragrance, you come to the right place. Currently, we do not stock any agarwood harvested or cultivated from Australian soil as they are yet available but our own plantation site in Vietnam and our partners from South East Asia. 

  1. Are you a cosmetic manufacturer looking for genuine high quality oud to make your luxurious skin care product? 
  2. Are you looking for something smell truly unique ? Our incense and oil collection would satisfy you with a single ingredient, resinous Aquilaria wood or agarwood.
  3. Are you looking for something worth your hard-earned money, something which would not depreciate in value but the opposite? Agarwood oil scent profile improves with age. The longer you keep, the better it becomes (stored in dry, dark, cool, close contained  place). 
  4. Are you looking for meaningful religious gift? Our agarwood mala beads which could be custom-made to meet your need. For example, 108 mala beads for chanting, meditation. Christian or Muslim? No worry, Aloe wood (Agarwood) have been used a cross all religions. A drop of oil in your prayer carpet would do wonder.
  5. Are you looking for special scent for your wedding or special occasion? Our agarwood chip will 100% exceed your expectation which will make your memorable day last forever.
  6. Are you religions organisation looking for fund raising through your gift shops? As you are aware agarwood (oud) has been being used since the ancient time, it would be a unique offering to your customers.

Our story

Decades ago, wild agarwood was quite abundant and it was affordable for everyone literally. However, only the wealthy people use and appreciate its noble scent.

Agarwood incense was traditionally made with care, mainly hand-crafted with pure oud powder bound with white wood. These incenses are offered on special occasion only, for example, Buddhist lectures.

With recent development in incense making, there are a lot of misleading on the product label, claimed to be "pure agarwood incense", sold at a price of $4 for 10 sticks with a burn time of 10 minutes per stick. For your information, this $4 retail pack is even below our manufacture cost. To an extent, we bought several of these packs and needless to say, they are not up to the standard. 

Meanwhile, wild agarwood was over-harvested making it close to the bridge of extinction. In an attempt to preserve wild Aqualaria species, they are now protected by many of our Government, making them illegal to hunt. There were many triads fighting for this hunting right, even mercilessly killed to steal this precious wood. In several countries, wild agarwood hunters might be shot dead on the spot (click here)

Seeing these hunting activities hurting the nature, our family decided to invest in these trees, growing them from wild seed.


From the above to grown tree, it takes 10 years in circa before wounding the tree to create agarwood.

(In Vietnam, we are trading as Evergreen Forest)


We have our own plantation site, incense making and oil distillation facility.

Finally, after decades of hard work, it is time to harvest our own sustainable tree, supplying Oud chip, distilling our Oud oil for the market. Consumers have been asking us: Is your Oud oil pure? YES, how do we know? Because we grow, distill and manufacture it with pride

Your own genuine Oud scent is back, not synthetic, just 100% pure Oud oil

(an agarwood store in Oman)

Arriving in Australia, I have been exposed to different perfume designers claiming Oud notes in their perfume. Mostly, it is not the case. It is very vague, anemic, simple note.

Don't believe me, challenge the perfume sales consultant, try it yourself to see what Oud smell like.

There are many different scent profile from Oud. With wild Oud, as each tree is unique, there are hardly same fragrance from two batches. With cultivated oud? Each plantation offers different oil, as well as the wounding technique, are confidential making OUD OIL different again.  The advantage of cultivated oud is similar scent profile could be achieved in large quantity, making it suitable for commercial products

At Grandawood Agarwood, we offer you several different Oud Oil and will increase in variety in the near future.

Our Oud is a complete fragrance by itself. However, if you want more, it is possible to blend them with different essential oil, something that perfume artisan would create a niche just for you. Smell extraordinary!