Agarwood (Oud) Oil Sample Kit

Are you new to Agarwood pure essential oil ? Or are you interested in trying our fabulous aromatic Agarwood essential oil  collection? Now we are offering sample kits for your trial. Let's try them out!

Organic/ Cultivated Oil Sample kit 0.1 ml  or  0.5 ml( for aroma enjoyment) includes 4 different oils (not 9 per pictures):

Wild Oil Sample kit 0.1 ml or 0.5 ml including 5 different oils, 1 sample for each:

Free domestic shipping is included without tracking  or extra $4.00 AUD for registered with tracking number 

Please note: Unfortunately we will not be responsible for any lost or missing mails by using unregistered services .

For international customers, we only use registered services with tracking for your peace of mind if you choose to buy this sample alone. Other than that, standard postage with tracking rate will be applied when you reach check out with other items, in this case, please choose option ' Domestic free postage no tracking'. 

To Middle East countries, our oud oil does not have the decomposition note, if you are after a big order and what to try a small amount, here is the best blind buy with small risk, option 0.5 ml is strongly recommended



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