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Agarwood (Oud) Oil Sample Kit

  • Are you looking for 100% pure and genuine agarwood oil from a sustainable source? 
  • Would you like to try different Agarwood (Oud) oils as there are many versions on the market? From fresh floral, herbal medicinal, to barnyard, animalic
  • Are you a perfumer looking for oud oil to craft your blend and unsure what to choose? 

Congratulation, you found the right place. Let's start with a testimonial from  Gwendoline Ford  Australian College of Aromatherapy 





Agarwood is also known in many different names: Aloeswood, Lignum Aloes, Oriental Lignaloes, Xylaloes, Eaglewood, Calambak (used in Cambodia) Lignum
Rhodium. One of the most valuable of all perfume ingredients. Agarwood is the aromatic, resinous wood from the Thymelaeaceae species (Aquilaria Agollocha, also A. Malaccensis A. Crassna), native to South East Asia. Agarwood oil is either water or steam-distilled from the pulverised agarwood.

Organic/ Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) Sample kit 0.1 ml  or  0.5 ml( for aroma enjoyment) includes 6 different oils (not 9 per pictures):

Saving tips: 0.5 ml option which is 5 times more than 0.1 ml one and only costs around 2 times 

Wild Oil Sample kit 0.1 ml or 0.5 ml including 5 different oils, 1 sample for each:

To Middle East countries, our oud oil does not have the decomposition note, if you are after a big order and what to try a small amount, here is the best blind buy with small risk, option 0.5 ml is strongly recommended

Please see the below review from Julie Nelson Artisan Perfumer Scent Stylist Scent Branding for Business Aromatherapy Consultant which should give you what to expect



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It was more than nice

It was more than nice


sample kit of Agarwood oil

love them all. it is an intense fragrance that hits the nose like a shot of smokey peat whisky then settles to a warm delicious fragrance-trying to decide on my favourite to buy larger quantity of.


olfactory journey

Sweet, floral, leathery, animalistic, barnyard, balsamic, woody all inside this set. I am sure there will always be more to learn as this is just the basic. "Smooth Oud Thai" is truly a perfumer dream as it is easy to blend with and produce a phenomenon result

Evonne Z.

beautiful! especially the 2 floral oud and Super Smooth Thai

5stars to Grandawood Agarwood for their Agarwood oul collection. I have been going through the 6 in the pack, & each one has its own distinct story. Bravo on yet another set of ultrafine oils! Let me go through them: SMOOTH THAI FLORAL & FLORAL SUPERIOR are tied as my favourites. Thai is a soft, delicate, sweet, warm & feminine floral reminding me of tropical, ****** Bali nights. I found Superior as a soft & sensual floral/wood, starting off sweet but mellowing quickly to a woody floral. I think Superior is very suited to wear at night & Thai daytime or afternoon. THE MIDDLE EASTENER reminded me of Arabian nights & even Marco Polo on his spice trail. It is warm, rich & spicy. SWEET HERBAL SPICE is as the name suggests - quite sweet, spicy with a touch of herb. Very mellow. THE MISTY FOREST reminds me of a dense, strong, green jungle. EVERGREEN SUPERIOR is very, very green! It is a rainforest in a bottle! I found it mainly green with a hint of wood. A beautiful collection that can, of course, be mixed to create something new, your own signature ... I have already combined both florals & wearing them now ~ just so lush!

Evonne Z. verified customer review of Agarwood (Oud) Oil Sample Kit
Scott D

Feed back

The wild sample is great and thank you for giving me an extra surprise. Love it. Brunei oil is interesting as I have never tried this before. The Cambodia oil is super long lasting on my skin. Leathery, slight barnyard but dried down to sweet and woody. Love this