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Agarwood (Oud) Oil Sample Kit


Are you new to Agarwood pure essential oil ? Or are you interested in trying our fabulous aromatic Agarwood essential oil collection? Now we are offering sample kits for your trial and education tool. Let's try them out!

Organic/ Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) Sample kit 0.1 ml  or  0.5 ml( for aroma enjoyment) includes 6 different oils (not 9 per pictures):

Saving tips: 0.5 ml option which is 5 times more than 0.1 ml one and only costs around 2 times 

Wild Oil Sample kit 0.1 ml or 0.5 ml including 5 different oils, 1 sample for each:



To Middle East countries, our oud oil does not have the decomposition note, if you are after a big order and what to try a small amount, here is the best blind buy with small risk, option 0.5 ml is strongly recommended




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Scott D

Feed back

The wild sample is great and thank you for giving me an extra surprise. Love it. Brunei oil is interesting as I have never tried this before. The Cambodia oil is super long lasting on my skin. Leathery, slight barnyard but dried down to sweet and woody. Love this

Sam C
United States

Herbal Spice My favourite

don't let the price fool you as for this cultivated oud, you would have thought it was inferior. However, this is a beauty, a treasure I like the most in the sample range

Hank F.
United States

Clearly good wood was used but poor distillation methods

I've collected oil's from over 25 companies and unfortunately these are near the bottom. There are burnt notes, indications of oversoaking, and overall a lack of skill and experience in extracting agarwood oil from wood. Such a shame.


Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

Hi Hank Thank you for your email and your feedback We provided extra oil sample for you to look at and we are sorry that you did not like it We understand you do not like the barnyard note in some oil which was clearly mentioned in the description. To achieve this, 1 week soaking is applied Other than that, especially with wild oud, no more than 3 days. Can you let us know more detail which oil makes you feel this way as this is the first time we heard of “near the bottom”quality which surprised us As you can see, we do not remove any negative feedback including yours as it helps us grow If you don’t provide any more details, it is ok too


Olfactory journeys...

The 0.5 ml option represents decent value when most other vendors won't provide samples above 0.2 or 0.3 mls. I've tried attars, cheap so called oud's that are full of fillers etc. and nothing comes close to steam 100% steam distilled agarwood oil like this. These oils will take you on an olfactory journey. They contain a spirit and a soul that no adulterated mixture will ever be able to capture. How can pure agarwood oil/resin be so complex in it's scent profile? Top notes, middle notes, base notes. So many different scents coming through from the one oil. It's perplexing. Decent silage and lasts for a very long time. I managed to get over 12 hours from a cologne sprayed on top of this when the cologne's scent used to disappear within an hour when not being mixed with agarwood oil. You can create your own unique scent that carries on for the whole day without the need to reapply when mixed with agarwood oil. Sometimes it's like a different aspect of the oil's personality shines through the next time you try it on, scents you didn't smell the first time start to come through. It's like it's alive, always changing and developing. My daughter and I have been experimenting by both trying on the same sample each day and it's amazing how differently each one can smell on different skin. Somehow they manage to stay feminine on her and masculine on me. There are over 300 different compounds in agarwood oil which react with our own skin oils to create a unique scent profile on each person. These are also only going to develop and get better with time as they age. I'm now moving onto the wild sample kit after initially trying the cultivated samples and all I can say is wow...

Casey A

Good education tools

Beginner here, Different type of oils, each takes me to a different journey. Well packed and next day delivered. Could not ask for more. Of course 5 stars !