Agarwood tea leaves 20g or 50g

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The tea is made of leaves that grow on "the wood of God",  Agarwood, a legendary Eastern herb. Fresh and young leaves burst out with freshest aroma of the morning dew which is like a summer breeze. The delicate aroma with  robust flavor make it stand out from most of  its brothers and sisters in the herbal infusion tea family. Bitterness for the first sip, followed by a strong lingering  after taste, deep in the throat. Not everyone appreciate bitterness but it is actually quite beneficial as " Saponin has the property of precipitating and coagulating red blood cells. Some of the characteristics of saponins include formation of foams in aqueous solutions, hemolytic activity, cholesterol binding properties and bitterness "( Sodipo, O. A., Akiniyi JA, Ogunbamosu J. U (2000)).

Drinking this infusion daily will benefit your health from its chemical composition as below:

 1) Constipation relief:  Laxative effect from ethanol extract of agarwood leaves (EEA) and Genkwanin Glycosides . Unlike many so called "slim tea", where diarrhea is a big concern, the agarwood leaves' properties do not trigger this bowel movement ( Mamoru Kakino,   Gifu Pharmaceutical University)

 2) Better, deeper sleep: Terpenoids with sedative and anxiolytic effects found in our agarwood leaves would relax your body and calm your mind ( Mamoru Kakino,   Gifu Pharmaceutical University)

 3) Decrease cholesterol level: Polyphenol is another substance in our leaves, known for reducing the absorption of cholesterol in your body.( J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo).)

 4) Contains methoxyflavone which is an anabolic agent , help build muscle combine with the right exercise

Agarwood herbal infusion tea is made of selected young and fresh Agarwood leaves. Many science researches have proved that  they have positive improvements on human health  for better and quality sleep, stress reducing, and constipation relief based on regular consumption. And with the aids of modern technology, we are looking forward to discovering more benefits for health from Agarwood tea in the near future.

More science research with references available here. and here

* Agarwood tea is not suitable to be consumed during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Please seek advice from your doctors or nutritionists.

  Brew : 1g per 160 ml boiling water, brewing time from 3-4 minutes, varying brewing time will increase the depth and strength of the tea depending on personal preferences and can be refilled up to 4 times.

(1g is around 18 leaf balls circa for tea pot or 12 balls for a cup, if it is too bitter for you, use less leaf or add more water for the next brew depending on your personal taste)

*Please note you could mix Agarwood leaves with green tea or different herbal infusion to alter the taste.