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Reviewed by our customers

Reviews were written by our valued customers via email request after purchasing.As it is live and updated constantly, please allow 10 seconds for it to load. We thank you for your patience. In the meantime, here are some bloggers' reviews:




    "Very unique yet familiar scent. Great experience overall. "
    Medicial and Sandalwood
      "Excellent blend by Shoyeido, thank you for personal service and express shipping, will be back for more"
      Peter L.
      Homegrown Vietnamese Cultivated Agarwood Bracelet
        "Like it very much,can smell the agarwood scent.Thank You"
        Tony C.
        Shoyeido Sho-kaku / Translucent Path
          "This incense takes me back to Kyoto last year burning Kyara at the Shoyeido store. An exquisite incense."
          Fantastic fragrance & service!
            "Very happy with my purchase of Grandawood Oud Spirit. A very wearable Oud fragrance that gives you the real Oud experience without being too offensive. Oud, citrus, floral & leather, this stuff is very addictive 😍"
            Shane F.
            soft powder and nice leathery, classic scent
              "Hi Trent Thank you very much. This is a beautiful oil. I love this very much! Nicely done! Highly recommended"
              Peter L.
              Best incense ever
                "These are just stunning, really special for special days. "
                ying q.
                Awesome agarwood
                It was more than nice
                  "It was more than nice "
                  sample kit of Agarwood oil
                    "love them all. it is an intense fragrance that hits the nose like a shot of smokey peat whisky then settles to a warm delicious fragrance-trying to decide on my favourite to buy larger quantity of. "
                    olfactory journey
                      "Sweet, floral, leathery, animalistic, barnyard, balsamic, woody all inside this set. I am sure there will always be more to learn as this is just the basic. "Smooth Oud Thai" is truly a perfumer dream as it is easy to blend with and produce a phenomenon result"
                      Grandawood Agarwood Oud Perfume
                        "Unfortunately as a purveyor of sandalwood I found this poor quality. Diffused with inferior chemicals and this gave off an unpleasant after scent."
                        Deborah A.
                        Great Fragrance
                          "First experience with this type of Agarwood. Very satisfying. The fragrance develops from a rich woody/grassy scent to a sweeter wood. "
                          CATHERINE M.
                          Great, fast and efficient
                            "Item was exactly as shown and works really well. I bought two - one for my living room and one for my bedroom."
                            A fave
                              "I love this leathery green oud and I use it in several of my own perfumes. I also love and use Evergreen Superior. "
                              Teone R.
                              beautiful! especially the 2 floral oud and Super Smooth Thai
                                "5stars to Grandawood Agarwood for their Agarwood oul collection. I have been going through the 6 in the pack, & each one has its own distinct story. Bravo on yet another set of ultrafine oils! Let me go through them: SMOOTH THAI FLORAL & FLORAL SUPERIOR are tied as my favourites. Thai is a soft, delicate, sweet, warm & feminine floral reminding me of tropical, steamy Bali nights. I found Superior as a soft & sensual floral/wood, starting off sweet but mellowing quickly to a woody floral. I think Superior is very suited to wear at night & Thai daytime or afternoon. THE MIDDLE EASTENER reminded me of Arabian nights & even Marco Polo on his spice trail. It is warm, rich & spicy. SWEET HERBAL SPICE is as the name suggests - quite sweet, spicy with a touch of herb. Very mellow. THE MISTY FOREST reminds me of a dense, strong, green jungle. EVERGREEN SUPERIOR is very, very green! It is a rainforest in a bottle! I found it mainly green with a hint of wood. A beautiful collection that can, of course, be mixed to create something new, your own signature ... I have already combined both florals & wearing them now ~ just so lush!"
                                Evonne Z.
                                Incredibly strong beautiful aroma!
                                  "I have not tried it myself since for such rare incense, I’ll only use as offering for special religious ceremonies. Being curious, I use the tip of my little finger to brush against the bit of incense stuck at the cap bottle... not much smell at all... it seems so normal unlike my usual quite good grade Agarwood incense. Then after awhile , I suddenly smell extremely sweet & uplifting aroma from my hand that is beyond description. It’s so unique that worldly perfumes cannot compare & I didn’t even burn it! Wow this is really good stuff!"
                                  Thank you for your feedback, we are glad that the parcel is next day delivered to you. If you heat this special powder using the mica plate, you will feel the intensive scent of it ! - Grandawood- Agarwood Australia
                                  Great Investment
                                    "Very pleased with my purchase of the Mayako Whie Ash. It lived up to all it was intended to do. Allowing me to handle my burner when I wanted by absorbing the heat while still allowing the charcoal disc to stay hot enough to do the job."
                                    Paul B.
                                    smokey and spicy
                                      "smokey and spicy, woody incense. Excellent product"
                                      Taek K
                                      Excellent Agarwood Bracelet
                                        "This agarwood bracelet was of the finest quality. It has such a fragrant smell and powerful cleansing feeling, that I was truly amazed at how light it felt and how quickly it purified and lifted my body’s energy field the moment I placed it on my left wrist. Thank you."
                                        Dr. J.
                                        Herbal Spice My favourite
                                          "don't let the price fool you as for this cultivated oud, you would have thought it was inferior. However, this is a beauty, a treasure I like the most in the sample range"
                                          Sam C
                                          Feed back
                                            "The wild sample is great and thank you for giving me an extra surprise. Love it. Brunei oil is interesting as I have never tried this before. The Cambodia oil is super long lasting on my skin. Leathery, slight barnyard but dried down to sweet and woody. Love this"
                                            Scott D
                                            sweet and ouddy
                                              "This is a perfumer's dream. Enough complexity and blended in easy without any harsh notes which sometimes ruin or change the whole batch of perfume oil"
                                              Simon N
                                              sweet and ouddy
                                                "This is a blind buy for me which made me so happy, no "yucky" smelly stuff. Beautiful oil !"
                                                Karren F
                                                floral water
                                                  "It is very pleasant to go in the diffuser, slighly sour and sweet overall"
                                                  Andy K
                                                  elegance and fine
                                                    "different layer of smell, and oud which was meant to be the base. Nice composed cocktail. Love this"
                                                    Adrian M
                                                    just right
                                                      "My guess: the colour was achieved by post-dislled material as it was browny, having say that, the scent is definitely good, from cultivated oud, with a decent resin amount, not too boring like others I have tried. 5-star for the overnight service from Australia, this was a surprise for me"
                                                      Patrick S
                                                        "Got this one in sample kit and it's just amazing. I'm new to ouds, but can describe it like fresh, more "cold" than other ouds. It starts with medicinal note, warm spices and oakmoss, then opens with black pepper, frankincense and a hint of pine/cedar. Later you will feel all these notes, but spices will be more sweet. No barnyard, no animalic notes, no castoreum/birch tar in it, pure joy to my "european" nose. This is something really different from other samples in kit and I just love it. I would wear it as is - absolutely can be called "perfume" without any additional ingredients. I will return for a bigger bottle for sure!"
                                                        Hi Roman Thank you for your kind review, we appreciate your business. We look forward to serving you again. - Grandawood- Agarwood Australia
                                                        different smell at different time
                                                          "the scent change rapidly after 5 minutes, from mandarin to slight floral which lasts for several hours before turning into smooth Oud"
                                                          Mellisa M
                                                          citrusy at first, bergamot, woody, and oud
                                                            "Given there is real oud inside this bottle, it is a good combination of scent, very fine fragrance, try it people. It is a shame I was unable to try the alchohol one due to logistic with this "dangerous good", having say that, the oil version works well too, just less booming effect."
                                                            Michael A