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Nice bracelet :)
    "That was for a birthday gift and my friend was so happy specially for the great quality of the product. Happy purchase :)"
    Evelyn C.
    thank you
      "Such a beautiful scent which I have not experienced before. The price reflects the quality and I am extremely happy with this. Shipping is extremely fast !"
      Bruce W
        "I was shocked !!! And at the same time amazed by this holy mala. The scent was so strong. Excellent stuff"
        Jim H
        This is a winner
          "this is different from the first one, in my opinion not as sweet as the first version, nevertheless, it is a good oil"
          Scott C
          Sweet, strange but nice
          strongly recommended
            "Smokey first note, but smooth out quickly, a very fresh note of seaweed , nice one, it is very challenging to describe in words. Wonderful !"
            Emily H
            Re: Feedback Agarwood Incense High Quality
              "Very good incense, no fragrance oil, the smoke does not bring tear to my eyes. Excellent quality"
              Jo C
              Like the name suggested
                "It does smell like incense but 10 times stronger and smokless. What a treasure to keep !"
                Luke W
                Beautiful smell, beautiful smoke visuals
                  "A great alternative to the incense sticks with a more powerful scent"
                  Mikhael E.
                  First order
                    "First time try this supplier, very pleased with the products. Thank you"
                    Minh N
                    A new experience
                      "very different to other vendors. Highly recommended if you are looking for genuine Oud oil, and yes try EverGreen Superior Oil, if you want masculine scent"
                      Grant A
                      Nice incense
                        "worth the money, this is a bitter sweet and spicy wood note. Very enjoyable"
                        Grant A
                        Deep scent
                          "Loads of deep, rich Kyara scent. This incense is a luxurious occasional treat."
                          Maurice M.
                          Agarwood Tea Leaves
                            "While the taste is still to be acquired, it seems to have significantly reduced my gout."
                            Leslie F.
                            Hi Leslie
                            Thank you for your feedback. We are so glad that the agarwood leaves benefit you. We have sent you a separate email 
                            - Grandawood- Agarwood Australia
                            Review of Mica Plate- Shoyeido
                              "High quality products and great customer service. Overall an excellent experience. 100% recommend this store."
                              Harish K.
                              Incredible with nice complexity
                                "This is a true perfume of itself, so beautiful and yet from cultivated Oud !!! Words are not enough to describe how grateful I feel !!!!"
                                Heather S
                                Superb quality
                                  "10 stars if I could give. Thank you Trent, you are helpful and so helpful, so patience with me"
                                  Joseph J
                                  OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OHHHHHHHH MY GOD
                                    "oh my God, !!!! This is far better than many stinky wild oil I have tried, yet it was distilled from a farm product !!! THANK YOU for being sustainable yet beautiful thank you thank you"
                                    Greg M
                                      "Beautiful beads, nicely shiny and of an amazing color. Sturdy and manly, but not excessively big. Ideal for a person who enjoys a high quality bracelet, without showing off with it. A soft and enjoyable scent, especially while you wear it. The body heat 'activates' the release of the magical scent."
                                      Woshoush Galerie & Trading
                                        "Amazing I have not words to describe this wonderful product"
                                        Evelyn C.
                                        so strong
                                          "I was shocked !!! And at the same time amazed by this holy mala. The scent was so strong. Excellent stuff"
                                          Jaga S
                                          Awesome oud oil
                                            "Overnight service, so fast shipping and packed with care, I only tried a small dab but so far so good !"
                                            Raymond L
                                            2nd purchase
                                              "tried the samples first and decided to go with this one. Excellent choice !"
                                              Carl D
                                              VERY VERY NICE
                                                "thank you, simple awesome, woody smell. I guessed this is what people called Scared Oud. Thank you for spending 30 minutes on the chat with me. 5 star for the services"
                                                Daniel Chong
                                                Thank you thank you thank you
                                                Smell heaven
                                                  "Nice Golden Colour in a 1.5 ml vial, so shiny, and smell so good. Last for daysssssssssssss"
                                                  Ben H
                                                  Feel good
                                                    "fast delivery and this tea DOES promote sleep. Thank you"
                                                    Jay M
                                                    So good
                                                      "Very different from what I tried before with someone else. Last time, it was mixed with different fragrance not pure. First time I tried oud in pure form. So good given the price. I will try a more expensive one soon"
                                                      Laura R
                                                        "Thank you good service. 5 stars"
                                                        James Q
                                                        Woww so good, genuine Oud
                                                          "Very very good. A bit sharp at first but probably I am not used to it. It is getting better after several minutes and last for days"
                                                          Alex Song
                                                          Thank you Alex, we are so glad that you enjoy it - Grandawood- Agarwood Australia