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November 27, 2015 2 min read

Disclaimer: Grandawood has provided Agarwood (Oud) oil samples to Australian Perfume Junkies for reviews:

"Oudh #1 was a lovely simple oud that was fecal, animal and medicinal in open, it quietened to a lovely barnyard skin scent within the hour and stayed fragrant for about 5-6 hours. Oudh #1 smelled as if it had melted into my skin and each of our bodies gave it a slightly different scent hue. On my skin, it was a little sweeter and more vanilla smelling than on the others. We all liked its soft and mellow golden haze.

A wonderful oudh even if you’re going to work. By the time you get there Oudh #1 is a beautiful, gentle oudh that has melded with your skin and though you are fragrant, even slightly barnyard, it’s a welcoming and engaging aroma. Beautiful."


"Oudh Floral was the winner of the day, it was fun, unusual, interesting and had the best longevity. It was a hit and I think Grandawood will be getting orders from the guys who were also extremely pleased. Oudh Floral will be a hit we decided and it could even make a good gateway oudh for someone new to it as a note. There seems to be a deep vein of animalic honey running through Oudh Floral and the bouquet has some lovely indolic white flowers. It’s skanky but very pretty skank.

We liked the way that Grandawood had slipped in some extra interest to the oudh and made it pop even more. A unanimous success from the 4 person testing panel"

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Grant P from gpforest.com.au, sandalwood and agarwood plantation service, left us a nice review



Dr Teone Reinthal from Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume: http://teone.com.au/

Liam Sardea from Olfactic.net, kindly reviewed our ranges:

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We are also grateful for Rob from Scent Gent, for his video:

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