*New* The Warming Sun - Hydro-distilled Pure Cultivated Oud Oil

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12 years to make this oil.

Let me break it down for you.

It takes 10 years to grow a tree, 2 years to create Agarwood, 168 hours to “cook” this Warming Sun Agarwood Oil.

And that’s just the beginning.



You would NOT be able to smell this "brain-stimulating" oud in a department store, and the major of niche-perfume houses, but here, at Grandawood.


Let me tell you why

Many people said they loved Oud (Agarwood oil),

but the truth is they don't know what genuine Oudsmell like.


The reason is simple: they have never smelled it alone. They wish they could isolate the "oud" scent in niche perfume.


They heard of this so-called "Wood Of God" before and tried to get their hands on. They want to know what is so special about Oud to have that name. They spend days looking for a store that has the real stuff from one store to another.

Before the age of the Internet, it is challenging to get their hands on authentic agarwood oil for  the below reasons:

  • Oud (agarwood) is mainly available in Southeast Asia and is a controlled product. To get them on the shelves, it could take months from getting the right approval to the logistics side. 
  • To show these ouds to the public, it requires some knowledge from the retail staff to consult the products to the consumer.
  • Being a natural product (essential oil), its scent profile changes depending on the batch. Big stores prefer quality consistency to minimise the return rate. They expect if a product smelt great in the first batch, it should smell identical with the second batch. Unfortunately, with oud oil, its scent profile will slightly vary on each batch.
  • Stock control is a concern. Retail thefts are on the rise. What would happen if a shoplifter left the store with 1 litre of Oud without paying? At least 5-figure worth of stock would be missing. How do you feel if you are the store manager?


With the limited supply of this exclusive Oud due to a unique natural woody generating method, there is not enough to produce it on a large scale.


There are multiple ways to wound the Aquilaria trees for it to secrete its defence mechanism: Agarwood. Some are good, and some are bad. Today, I will show you an extraordinary way, a secret of creating brain-stimulating good Oud. And you have NOT seen this closely guarded technique before? This technique is to make Agarwood oil having a warm, welcome woody smell.


It is the long lost traditional technique- Red Hot Iron Spear.



You have seen drills, and fungi inducing method. What about this technique? It is laborious and risky because it involves fire.


The spear is red heated around 400 degrees Celcius. A skilled worker ("striker") then hammers to penetrate it THROUGH the tree.

Many growers have given this up because it takes so much time and effort. Some only do it on a smaller scale. 

What unique feature does it add to the Oud scent profile?

Ladies and gentlemen,  let me introduce you this special cultivated oud oil: The Warming Sun.

The material used to distil this Oud is from the wounded Aquilaria Malaccensis trees. To create this special agarwood, workers penetrate "red hot iron rods" to the tree. Once the temperature decrease,  he pulls the rod out and let the tree does the rest: natural agarwood creation.

It sounds easy, but a little mistake could cost the farmers a decade to fix. No wonder, they choose a different method to create agarwood. 

The "strikers" need to know where the safe spot to hit; the trees may die if the spear hit its dead spot. Imagine growing the tree for twelve years, and killed it in a strike? One tree it might be ok, what is going to happen if ten trees die? What if a hundred tree die? Devastating, of course.

Not only that, this method, "The Red Hot Iron Technique" does not involve with fungi or any inoculating way. It takes a longer time to have agarwood and less yielding than any contemporary method. After three years, local farmers saw the tree down, scrapped out the white Oud. 

Because of the laborious process, we can only produce a very limited amount (only 900 g a month).

The reward

The primary purpose of this meticulous method is to create an exceptional smell using the forgotten way. The Hot Iron Spear method will add "fire" element in the wood chip. If oud distiller used these chips to distil, what would happen?


Grind these Oud into powder

The result: brain-stimulating good

As soon as you open the bottle, the volatile compound will vapour. If you are within an arm range, you can smell the Oud in an instant.

Take a small dab from a bottle on your wrist or a cotton pad.

The magic happens at the moment you take a sniff and inhale deeply from either your wrist on a cotton pad. A sensational pleasant feeling washes through your nose. The accord includes warm woody, a hint of spice and herbaceous, subtle floral. After several hours, it dries down to balsamic vanillic ouddy.

You may hear people talk about Agarwood or Oud all the time. Isn't it time to try it now?

Warning: it is super addictive.

How to apply

Apply a small dab to test any adverse reaction on your skin. External use on the skin only. Do not ingest. 

You can dab on your shirt, your wrist, behind your ears or your neck. With this price, you can wear it daily. All you need is a dab.

Only available here at Grandawood

You won't find it in any department stores or any essential oil suppliers because

  • We did not distribute to any of them. For this particular Warming Sun Oud, It is simply NOT enough Oud to do so.

If you are still reading, I guess you like what you see so far,  I know you want to try it out.

It is easy, just add to cart and checkout.

You see, when you are craving for a particular food, you order them. You treat your mouth and your stomach nicely.



It would be unfair for your nose if you don't do the same to your nose


Give your nose a special treatment, just like how well you treat your mouth and stomach by giving them good food.

And this Oud my friend is a very good treat for your nose and your brain.

Last but not least, I want you to know Oud oil is generally safe to use on skin neatly. However, just in case, please apply a small dab on your wrist or the back of your elbow to see if there is any adverse reaction.

"Where should I go from here?"

If you like what you read so far, wait until you experience it.

Select the size that suits you and hit the button.




According to the Essential Oil Safety book,  Agarwood oil is not known to have any issues when applying neatly or topically on the skin. However, just to be extra safe, please kindly apply a small dab to your elbow or wrist to see if you have any sensitivity with Oud Oil.

Just in case you do,  stop applying directly on your skin. You can dilute it with jojoba or fractionated coconut oil.

Do NOT drink,

Do NOT ingest

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    Dave H.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    A delicate oud

    The body is thinner compared to the Evergreen. Subtle clean and woody. Friendly, and easy to wear. No nasty stuff. Go well with my perfume.

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia *New* The Warming Sun - Hydro-distilled Pure Cultivated Oud Oil Review
    Peter L.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    Such a clean woody oud

    This is my second buy. I come back for more Very good scent profile. I am not a barnyard fan so I love this one. Very warm and friendly. Very suitable for Spring and Summer wear!

    Aden ..
    Singapore Singapore
    I recommend this product
    One of the best oud oil options for those who prefer a cleaner woodsy aroma

    This is a great alternative to oud CO2 extract as it has multiple layers of woodsy notes with the least amount of barnyard notes. Divinely complex and long lasting. Not sure whether it is due to the humidity in my geographical location and/or reaction with my skin, it reminds me of trekking in a tropical jungle where the earthy atmosphere is tranquil, calming spiritually elevating.

    Ukraine Ukraine
    I recommend this product
    "The woodiest one"

    This oil has no barnyard, dental clinic or sour balsamic starting notes, it starts with many different wood notes. I can smell cedar notes, a hint of sandalwood and even pine notes in it. It's the purest wood that I ever smell in oud oils, warm and soft, completely different experience

    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Best site for buying authentic agarwood oil.

    Best site for buying authentic agarwood oil.