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The Barntoxicate 100% Pure Oud Essential Oil -Hydro distillation


Dear friend

If you think barnyard oud is bad, you may think again.

Because what we have just made will change your mind.

It is a barnyard Oud specifically made for someone who hates barnyard Oud.


Introduce the Barntoxicate - the creamy leathery barnyard that many oud lovers love


I am about to share with you a story. If you are new to Oud, you will find the information useful.

If you used Oud (Agarwood) oil before and found it "shockingly bad", after reading the story, you will understand why.

Andwhen you read this story in its entirety, it will change your view about "barnyard" Oud.

Let me begin

A client who loves Oud oil

I have a client who only loves to smell Oud oil. One day, he called me about an Oud that he got from a vendor and said: "It is so good, it smells like a high-class leather bag, you got to smell it."

"Ok Mohamed, how do I smell it as I and you live in a different state," I asked.

"Well, when you dab it on a piece of tissue, you will know what I mean. I feel like in a luxurious leather store. And it is not my imagination; I want you to share this with you" Mohamed continued.

"Thank you. Very kind of you. But what exactly you want me to do for you, because I know there is no free lunch, right?" I cheekily asked

"Haha, simple, see if you could find me similar quality and a better price because it was expensive," said Mohamed

"No promise, but I will try."

And he posted it to me with an express post.


"Shockingly good."

Within two business days, I received the parcel.  And when I popped the cap out and put a tiny dab on a piece of tissue. I was so pleased because it was shockingly good.

It was precisely what he said: a "clean" barnyard leathery Oud.

I put the tissue up and down. I also fanned the tissue to make sure what I was smelling was the clean barnyard smell because I did not want his word influenced my brain. Mohamed was right. This Oud was creamy leathery. 


So I asked my contacts if we could make something similar. And after some months, I think I found what I have been looking for. It literally made me "drunk" when I keep sniffing it, and it has an addictive leathery note. So I name it as 


You see, the number one reason people hate Oud because they tried the wrong Oud oil for the first time. I can tell you right now, and it smells like sh!t. People described barnyard Oud as "fecal" so shall we named it Fecal Oud.


Fecal Oud stinks  BUT

Barntoxicate enhances your alertness while you smell it.

Fecal Oud pushes you away.

Barntoxicate pulls you closer and keeps you sniffing.


Fecal Oud stinks because it was over-fermented. It was out of control by the inexperienced distiller. This type of barnyard smell derives from the "decomposed" wood when soaking them in a barrel for weeks even months for a higher-yielding. If you ever let this Oud on your skin, it takes more than 10 times handwashing with soap to get rid of it. In fact, it is still lingering for many hours before completely disappear. 


Barntoxicate, on the other hand, is very selective and under total control. The creamy, addictive barnyard aroma from Barntoxicate is intentional and under control. You will not find any fecal scent because we only soak the wood for 7 days sharp. We stop before the decomposed state kicked in. No shit, no dead body smell. Promise!

The secret is from the water.

In Cambodia, the tap water often smells like chlorine to eliminate the bacteria. The tap water is safe to cook and drink. But would you agree with me that chlorine is not pleasant to smell? 

And if we use tap water to cook this oil, this would not be Chlorine Oud. 


After months of searching, we found underground water and we decided to drill a well to get this special water.


You see, when water flows through the ground, it picks up some soluble substances along the way. For example, when it picks up more calcium, the water tastes milky and smooth. And when it picks up sodium, the water tastes salty.


We did a little experiment, using pure water vs well-water to distil this Oud. 


Although the pure water distilled Oud was nice, it lacks in character, and it costs 20% more. So it did not fit without purpose: that is to create a barnyard Oud that people love.

By using the well-water to distil Oud, not only it gives this Oud a smoother, more creamy aroma, and boost the overall experience.


If you found the first secret is interesting, wait until I reveal the second one.

Second secret: the wood we use to cook this oil is neither wild nor cultivated agarwood

"Heh? What do you mean?"

 You see, usually

 Wild Agarwood is Agarwood formed naturally in Aquilaria trees found in the jungle which is untouched by human.


Cultivated Agarwood is Agarwood harvested from an agarwood plantation.

But what do you call Agarwood that is formed naturally just like what was found in the jungle, yet harvested in a plantation?  

That is wood that we use to cook this oil. According to the local, the wood used is from a 25-year-old tree with four years of agarwood creation (infected naturally without hormone and harmful chemical).


Dramatic difference

If you tried fecal Oud before, you probably would not try any Oud again because of that first horrendous experience. I am sorry for what you have been through

But if you give yourself one more chance, I urge you to give this Oud ago.