100% Pure Cultivated Agarwood oil- The Misty Forest-Steam Distillation

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"Draw-dropping at first smell, stunned after 10 seconds, and drunken, intoxicated after 2 minutes with this heavenly oud oil."

Our first impression of this oil is a lovely refreshing note on top of a complicated woodsy base. Slightly sour, woody and dried fruit sweet but extremely pleasant to wear.

Put a small dab on your shirt-sleeve and experience the long-lasting scent. Whenever you feel stressful, take a sniff to calm you down, relax, and it will keep you going.

100% pure cultivated oil. No addictive,  just pure steam distillation oud oil.



One of the finest cultivated agarwood (oud) oil ever distilled, no barnyard, but pleasantly sweet! It evokes your mind.

Close your eyes and image heaven; this oil will take you there.

What does it make you feel? "Young and Uplifting" and a bit of mysterious "misty forest."

The quality of this oil is very close to wild agarwood (oud) oil and may even surpass some.


What so special about this oud?

For 198 customers who tried this oil before, you know how difficult it is to use words to describe the smell. Many of you were merely stunned and could only say "good". 

For those who have not tried, I will try to make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain:


It is the material that counts


People often mentioned the revolution of technology would make life better. Many times, they try to synthesise this oud in the lab but have not been successful. That makes you wonder why?

Because they are not able to at this point in time.

The main difference in this agarwood is the method of infection. After 12 years of growing these trees, the grower slashes them with an axe to injure them. Then he does the unthinkable...

He literally "rub salt in the wound".


"Salt" here is made with an " organic trade secret juice" that contains pineapple. It is non-toxic, and the ants love it, the termites also love it. They build the tunnel in the tree. See the red mark below.



Why am I telling you this?

You see, most of the time, people use insecticides to keep these pests away, and you will see no trace of them. You will never see this image because commercial plant grower will hide it. 

However, not only we bring it to your attention, but also we are telling you there are insects in our trees.

Because if there are insects, there will not be pesticides. 

Let us show you some behind the scene images.

 Trees are wounded by axing

 Do you see the contrast of white wood and the dark resinous wood?


It is not one year, two years.
It is not five years
No, it is not 10 years.
But 12 years.


12 years worth of time just to get the material


Imagine this:

The farmers had their first kid. He was born when the seed was planted. He could not talk or walk. He was totally depending on his parents.

12 years later, it is time to get the agarwood. The farmer now has a little helper, and he is 12 years of age. That how long it takes, my friend.


128 hours of labour, and aged for 12 months to achieve this incredible smell



Let me ask you one question.


How many "12 years" do you have in your life?

You have the answer. And if you found this fascinating, then we are on the same page.

We have been smelling it for decades. And we are still in love with it.

An experience of a lifetime, don't you think?

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    Lavinia K.
    France France
    Dense and subtle

    Thick, green, leafy oud. Comes out nicely in hot weather.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Dark resins

    Scent profile: This is a delicate and rich material. Opens up with dark green woody note, one that you would normally find in aged oakmoss. After a while resins show their face (I get labdanum and benzoin), along with vanilla, dried dates and hint of jasmine. Two hours later, dark chocolate along with vanilla push the whole experience into gourmand territories. Nothing animalic or fecal in this one, which makes it more versatile. Performance: Not the loudest oud I had the chance to try. It will be noticeable by people around you for some time, but it turns into a skin scent rather quickly. But the wearer will experience it all, as it lasts forever. I personally would use this in a fine perfume as a base that would add richness that is impossible to get elsewhere. Also perfect for those moments, when you are in a solitude enjoying peace and quite.

    Spain Spain

    Hoy he recibo una muestra de este aceite, que me ha agradado mucho. pero en la reseña no aparece el tipo de aquilaria que es (¿agalocha, crassna, malecensis...?) ni el lugar de origen (Thailandia, Camboya, India, Vietnan? Podéis decírmelo? Gracias

    Australia Australia
    True Incense quality

    It is one of the finest cultivated Oud oil. It is very close to the actual Oud chips (resin) and oud incense and there is no barnyard smell. This oil can easily be used by itself as perfume or mix it with other natural oils and extracts.

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Hi Mahmoud Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that you enjoy it.

    Mike I.
    Canada Canada
    Good beginner oud oil

    Misty forest is a fiercely green minty camphoraceous Thai oil with a fruity-cola heart full of bold intensity. It has shades god green tea. It's piercing airy opening ushers in green balmy floral soon to follow mid notes of zesty cola and the smooth hum of Japanese sencha, always with a fruited backdrop of Thai oudiness. Notably absent are any barn like notes of that come with fermentation. In fact I'd be surprised if there were any. It is absolutely safe to wear in public and wears like a complete perfume/attar. Trent shared a bit about the distillation of this oil and it is small batch unlike the the other commercially distilled ouds. A real gem, good reference material and pleasure to wear.