*New* Pure 100% Cultivated Agarwood oil- The Misty Forest-Steam Distillation

Our first impression of this oil is a lovely refreshing note on top of a complicated woodsy base. Slight sour, woody and dried fruit sweet but extremely pleasant to wear.

Put a small dab on your shirt-sleeve and experience the long lasting scent. Whenever you feel stressful, take a sniff to calm you down, relax and it will keep you going.

100% pure cultivated oil. No addictive, no harmful chemical, just pure steam distillation oud oil.

One of the finest cultivated agarwood (oud) oil ever distilled, no barnyard, but pleasantly sweet ! 

Close your eyes and image an ancient temple, the scent of this oil will take you there! Amitabah

What does it make you feel? "Young and Uplifting" !!!!


Best value is 3ml option. Enjoy

Crystal Bottle is now available (colour of oil may vary)

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