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Agarwood Oil (Oud or Oudh Oil)

Our agarwood (Oud or Oudh) oil are manufactured or distilled with quality assurance process.

Owning over 400 hectares of agarwood plantation and oil manufacturing plant, we are confident to distribute the finest Agarwood oil in Vietnam. We commit to providing our customers with the purest and highest quality products which trusted and well-known to clients. Agarwood essential oil has been used in medicinal, incense, cosmetic and aromatic application.

Our sense of smell is powerful. Smell is evocative, mood changing, perception altering.  All of which makes the world of perfume a strange and wonderful place.

One of the world’s most unique scents is Agarwood Oil. This rare and beautiful perfume dates back as far as the 7th century and has been used by many cultures on important ceremonial occasions. It is entirely natural and difficult to source as it comes from the Aquilaria tree which only produces the resin, used for scented oil distillation when it is attacked.

Agarwood, or Oud oil, as it is also known, is understandably highly prized. Its complex and exotic fragrance is heady and conjures up a sense of other-worldliness and amazingly you can now purchase your own exotic blend.

There are six cultivated Oud oils and six wild Oud to choose from (more will be added or replaced in the future). In the mid-price range there is Herbal spice - a sweet, honeyish scent which is nutty and almost antique in its main notes. In a similar vein is Sweet Spice which is lighter, smoother and sweeter in nature.

At the top of the range is the headiest and indulgent of fragrances, the Floral oil. Intensely, beautifully floral, this appealing fragrance is complex warm and long lasting. In fact, all Agarwood Oils mellow and last for many hours.

Step into a whole new world of perfume and let Agarwood Oil transport to destinations unknown.

Agarwood oil: indulge your senses!

Every human being carries a unique smell just like his/her fingerprint ( Andrea Thompson, 2008).  Our sweat contains numerous airborne chemical molecules known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Combine VOCs with Agarwood Oil, it would be uniquely you. Oud smells and changes differently on the different type of skin.

Due to its chemical composition (Nurlaila, ‎2013), below are the scent profile of Oud. Depends on its region, Agarwood has different scent, sometimes very different, that is the beauty of this holy oil.

agarwood oil

Our Lab Test on Evergreen Oil




In addition, it has been used in many religion. The Bible also mentioned "aloe" (Aloewood, another name of agarwood) in several parts. Click here to see it in Bible: Jehovah Witness.

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