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Awareness - Grandawood Cultivated Agarwood Incense 10g 沉香香

32 reviews

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Awareness Incense - Made With Double Agarwood Chips for Double Pleasure

Lee loves burning fragrant wood incense, especially the one made from Agarwood. He is a construction worker, and he enjoys burning his incense daily.

He has been trying different Agarwood incense from well-established brands. Overall he is happy with the aroma. But he is not entirely satisfied. 

  • What he really wants: the woody, vanillic agarwood aroma when burning Agarwood chips
  • What he has been getting: the aroma of different spices, resin and a hint of Agarwood

He found that some vendors claimed their incenses are pure Agarwood, but the smell is nothing like it.

One day, his friend referred the Awareness Incense to him. When he received the incense, what he smelled he could not believe.

It was the sweet vanillic Agarwood aroma that he had long craved. It was an instant hit before he even burned the incense.

It gets even better when he lights it up.

The smoke is thin, so there is no tear in his eyes. There are no bitter notes because there is no added fragrance oil.

Lee is surprised to learn that there are only two ingredients in this incense: Agarwood and the odourless natural incense binding Litsea.

Dramatic difference

Our Agarwood is not ordinary. It comes from our Agarwood plantation in Dong Xoai Binh Phuoc- a highland with a hilly topography area inVietnam. In Dong Xoai, the temperature is high, around 27 Celcius. It is high humidity and abundant sunlight. The soil in our plantation is red andalluvial soil rich in minerals and nutrients. Aquilaria trees thrive in this weather, and its developed resin has a spicy woody flavour that is like no others.



My brother and his team only use Agarwood, that meets specific criteria. 

First, he checks for the Agarwood content. He only used Double Agarwood grade to make this incense. If the Agarwood forms only on one side. He does not use it.


Front side: Both have Agarwood resin

Backside: only the top is selected to make incense. We will not choose the bottom piece because it contains little Agarwood.


If there is wood in between Agarwood, he does not use it. There is often wood between Agarwood (see the below image). The wood content in between is not Agarwood; in Vietnamese, we called "ngậm cơm" (hold the rice in the mouth). The Agarwood aroma will be "diluted" when pulverising this wood into powder. Other vendors may accept it because no one will know. But at Grandawood, we will not use this material in our incense. We believe you will develop your sense after a few tries. You will be able to differentiate premium from sub-standard.


Agarwood outside, but there is wood inside. The inside wood content does not have a vanillic woody smell, so we will not use this wood to make incense.

Sometimes, we see lumps in the tree, called burr. Agarwood from burr is not suitable for incense because we cannot grind it evenly. My brother may use it for decor but not for incense making.

Once he finishes selecting the quality of the Agarwood, he and his team will grind Agarwood into powder. Then he adds Litsea (a natural, odourless adhesive) and water to make the incense paste.

Then his team will process the paste into our incense making machine to make this incense.

And that is not yet finished; we need to dry the incense and age it at least three months before releasing them. The aging process will make the Awareness develop the smooth woodiness that you will fall in love with.




Try our incense today and experience the difference.

Bonus tips: this incense continues to develop while you store them away. If you keep it over 6 months, you will find that the aroma is smoother, sweeter and woodier. 

--- From our forest to your home ---

We made Awareness from our genuine cultivated agarwood chips. These chips are scraped by our local workers from many Aquilaria trees. And our families grow these trees.

Most incenses in the market would use sawdust dipped into "fragrance oil". When incenses are made this way, the unpleasant burning note from the oil will take place. Just like when you heat or burn any oil, you will feel the burn notes.

But there is a difference:

Incense made from pulverised oud chips will not have this harsh scent., especially with invincible, undetectable plant-based adhesive.  

Raw material to make incenses requires some "glue" to put them together. Sometimes, the "glue" used contains some undesirable scent that affects the total experience. We use our own scentless Litsea Glutinosa to offer you a better experience.

    Super thin stick. Some of you may say it is so fragile and breaks easily. We agree. However, this design has two main advantages: a longer burning time and the scent is just right. If it is thicker, the smoke will be too much, and the smell is not as "right". Each stick has a burning time of around 15 to 20 minutes, and on average, there will be about 68 sticks (10g) total. Burning 10g of Oud chip only take hours. This incense tube will have more than 1000 minutes of burning time ( 17 hours approximately)


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      Matthew H.
      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product

      worth the money. Exceptional aroma

      I bought a $4 incense in a local store. The title said Agarwood incense, when I burned it, the thick smoke made me cough. So I went online and found this brand. I thought it was expensive but you got what you paid for. The $4 only had 10 sticks and it smelled nothing like agarwood. But this one was around 70 and it was great. Subtle, pleasant. The scent was great

      • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? No
      • What do you like? very good woody aroma
      • Anything that you don't like? packaging, it is plastic but it is really convenient to use.
      Lee T.
      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product

      this incense smells great before I even burnt it

      I have been burning agarwood incense from different brands and bought many from Japan I can tell you this Awareness is a good value one. When I turn the tube upside down, the incense is dropped into my hand at half-length. I smell them and they are not just sweet, but pleasant woody. When I burn this incense, I even half the sweet, spicy vanillic aroma. The same aroma that I got from burning wood chips. The package is not great but it is the inside that counts. I have tried many different agarwood incenses, some double and even triple the price. I could not get the same experience like this one. Agarwood fans, you cannot go wrong with this. Promise! Warning: the stick is very thin, it breaks easily. No drama, you can still burn them if they break

      • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? Yes
      • What do you like? the smell <- this is the most important one right?
      • Anything that you don't like? not really
      Grandawood- Agarwood Australia Awareness - Grandawood Cultivated Agarwood Incense  10g 沉香香 Review
      Ray L.
      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product

      Nice agarwood incense

      Authentic, very enjoyable

      • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? Yes
      • What do you like? The sharp, lingering aroma
      • Anything that you don't like? The 1mm sticks a bit too thin and brittle
      suzanne n.
      Australia Australia
      I recommend this product

      Agarwood insence

      I love these the fragrance is beautiful

      • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? No
      • What do you like? I love that they came quickly , the smell is earthy
      • Anything that you don't like? I love the product Thanku
      South Africa South Africa
      I recommend this product


      This product takes me on a mystical journey as it reminds me of the sufi mystics. It definitely is an enjoyment after a long day at work and calms the mind with its woody yet attractive scent. A great buy and chuffed that it's real agarwood