The Peated Oud - 100% Pure Cultivated Fermented Oud Oil


Smell this, and it will remind your favourite place in the past. 

Discovery the oud that has peated whisky scent profile: intriguingly smokey, leathery, subtly spiced with soft vanilla


You grow up with the smoky food: for example, BBQ, smoky rainbow trout, salmon, green-lipped mussel or meat. 

You like camping and the smoke of the campfire always warm you up. People are more open, and the conversation starts easier.

In some special occasion, you and your family gather and cook together. Smoke rises, everybody seems so happy, it was so homely.


In December 2019, it was a summer in Runcorn, Australia. I was in a local tavern talking a friend of mine. He offered me a glass of peated Scotch whisky to me. Immediately, I was so interested in the taste and smell of this drink. On the first sip, I could feel the smokey aroma of burning vegetation, spicy, and vanillic. Out of curiosity, I asked.

  • "What is "peat"?
  • "Peat is what you have just smelled. It is the smokey aroma of this Scotch" He answered.

I was not a regular Scotch drinker, but I loved this smell so much, so I got myself a bottle. I went home and poured myself a drink to "feel it" more.

I learn that peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter (Rob Micallef). I also found that there are some chemical compounds of phenols found in whisky which are also in agarwood oil. You can find out more at the bottom of this page.

This particular whisky brand that I tried has a very leathery character and a hint of campfire. 

It reminded me of a good old time with that I went fishing with friends. We grilled the fishes under fire at night time.

I sipped, then applied a small dab of this oud on my wrist and took a deep breath. The peated smell became more distinctive and augmented by this oud. I closed my eyes to travel to the past, let this aroma take me back to the good old time.

This oud is Supercritical Co2 Extracted from one-month fermented pulverised agarwood. It creates a leathery and smokey aroma. It contains some barnyard notes like the Middle Easterner. 

Is this oud for me?

If the below brought you happiness 

  • the smell of the leather in your car seat, your jacket, your leather bag
  • peated whisky
  • the smell when driving passed a farm
  • ambience of campfire
  • woody, herbaceous, medicinal scent
  • the "barnyard" smell of the Middle Easterner 

You would love the leathery aroma of this oud.

Is this oud fecal?

No, it is not,  It does contain the leathery, smokey and farm-like accords. It does not smell like a dead rat or manure.

If you like floral, sweet and mainstream perfume, this typical oud is not recommended for you.

The Arabs love it. Do you?



The difference in this oud aroma compared to others is right in the material

Cultivated agarwood harvested from the renewable agarwood plantation site.


Pulverised and fermented under control for one month to achieve the desired smokey and leathery aroma with a sweet woody dried down note.




So whisky is drinkable, and oud oil is for external use only. What makes these two compatible with each other?

The answer: both have some similar chemical compounds such as phenol, cresol, guaiacol...

A quote of David Cover (2017), Drink Hacker, Peat, Phenols, and ppm: Why Scotch Tastes Smoky

"Phenol itself gives you carbolic and antiseptic flavours, Cresols give the whisky medicinal, bandage-like flavour that’s very distinctive in Laphroaig. Xylenol can be extracted from coal tar and has a similar note, while Guaiacol gives a wood smoke type of flavour."

If you sip your whisky and sniff this oud, it will enhance your experience. You will enjoy both more.

Of course, it is completely fine to use them separately depending on what you want to achieve.

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