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Behind Shah Sultan's house, semi cultivated agarwood

April 24, 2016

Shah Sultan is a local agarwood dealer, behind his house was an old Aquilaria Malaccensis in a small forest own by a local landlord


 Seeing the potential, he got his special sauce (inoculating solution) injected into this tree with a hope in 5 year time, agarwood would be formed. Touch wood. 

Aquilaria Malaccensis is a strong specie, the tree below was hewed down for its agarwood (nothing illegal here, the tree was in a private land, NOT in a protected forest of the government)

Although most of its body was cut, this particular tree managed to survive, a new brand grow with young leaves, "such a life" Ned Kelly would scream in this case haha. A life metaphor, never give up and start again.

Thump up for this tree !

 Life is hard sometimes, just like the tree, as long as there is hope, don't give up but thump up :). Everything will be alright !

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