July 07, 2015

According to Continence Australia , c onstipation is when your bowel motions ('poo' or faeces) are less frequent and you have trouble passing them as they are often hard and dry. Sufferers left the toilet with a feeling of NOT empty bowel, painful and frustrating.


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There are several treatments with home remedies, for example, consuming high fibre fruits such as paw paw, grapes, and spinach. Umadaga from Lady Care Health suggested that one of the most effective method is the agarwood leaves ( The  genkwanin -5-O-primeveroside create a laxative effect, helping bowel movement process without causing diarrhoea. 

This leaves could be consumed daily to promote general health, sleep aid and a better toilet experience !

No chemical, and organic. It is a gift from nature harvested from the Wood Of God.





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