September 13, 2015

 Smell of food triggers your stomach

Smell of Oud chips, incenses, and oil ? To me, it triggers my "brain", it fills me with a sense of pleasant. 

Physically, the scent could be described as: 

  1. A combination of sweet, vanillic, sour and bitter 
  2. Woody scent with a hint of spice (this depends on the demographic where the tree grows) varies from floral to a warm spice. You could detect a bit of everything: tobacco leaves, leathery and medicinal herb, honey, floral. To sum up, a pleasant fragrance. With some oil, it is animalistic, barnyard which might offend some people. Oud oil could be overwhelming for some people, especially who has not tried it before.
  3. Your own imagination or your own feeling. It is hard to describe in words

You could easily "get lost" in your world:

The beauty is for each agarwood product, it produces a different smell. 


Scent Profile

Ideal for

Agarwood beads

Raw scent, light but detectable in a closed distance to your nose, fragrance mainly sweet and spicy.

Prayers, lucky charm, spiritual objects

Agarwood incenses

Scent is stronger covers a larger area, detectable in 20 cm range, easily fill a small area in 10 metre square per stick after 5 minutes of burning.

Sweet, uplifting woody, slightly burning wood similar to camp fire.

Olfactory enjoyment, spiritual, yoga, meditation.  


Agarwood tea

Fresh leaves scent, refreshing herbal leaves

Constipation relief, sleep aid, body detox and cleansing.

Agarwood oil

Extremely strong complex, penetrating smell, it could create an aura around you, only need 1 drop could last a whole day.

Complex scent profile as it is extracted from different parts of the tree which has different fragrance on their own. The most sought after products in Middle East countries.  

Personal wear as perfume

Relaxation for bathing


Create your own unique fragrance by combining your existing perfume with a drop of oud and you are sure to be noticeable.  The POWER OF ATTRACTION

It has been used as an ingredient  for cancer treatment.




Chemical component of Agarwood oil which makes up the scent profile


 Source: Research Gate

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