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March 18, 2016 1 min read

agarwood mind body spirit expo

agarwood mind body spirit expo 2We have been introducing our pure agarwood incenses to vistors and received good feedback about the sensational scent. One lady who has been practicing mediation for years, told us the fragrance triggered her soul and showed her goose bump to us, "feel like freshly reach a new level". Although we are uncertain about what she meant, we are delighted about your positive feedback. It helps people relax, calm and more alert.

In the other hand, one Kiwi mentioned that cleansing house to her, is very important ceremony and this incense (red cap, Superior), perfectly fitted her purpose as it attracted positive energy, bringing "the scent of Nirvana" to her place.

As Oud is quite new to Australia, there are a few people who could not stand our Oud oil, telling us "it was too strong". However, just as expected, when our Merauke oil was introduced, most of them love it in the first try. Some came back after 1 hour of browsing the other stores.

A Middle East lady approached me and specifically asked for our Evergreen Superior Oil, at first she was shocked by its sharp scent but after ten seconds, as the oil started to oxidize, it changed to something completely different, she then was shocked again and amazed by the result.

What could be better to invite your guests to your place, serving them with tea and incenses, a good way to start a conversation




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