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December 08, 2016 1 min read

 When Aquilaria tree was wounded, it defended itself by creating agarwood to eliminate the disease. The attack (either from nature or human intervention) will leave scars on the tree which tell  stories of a brave fighter, a winner and a survivor. 

We, human, would experience the same. There will be time of suffering, we feel like beaten, let down. There were events which we would never forget. There were "wounds" physically and mentally in our life. As long as we do not give up, we will thrive, become a better version of ourselves. Life moves on again

(Source: our hunters and growers)

Without being attacked , the tree never evolves or improves. Injury is good and it is also true to human being. Body builders lift weight, their muscle was sore or inflamed but quickly recovered which make them stronger. Martial artists train their kicks and punches to condition their fists and legs into human weapons. Human muscle and bone strengthen when under pressure and weaken otherwise.

In relation to the Aquilaria tree, being wounded turn the wood into the legendary agarwood known as Wood of God. In normal circumstances, it is just a piece of ordinary white wood. 

It is a philosophy of life, a meaningful gift for your love one this holiday. A gift which someone will treasure. Tell them this story and surely they will appreciate this.


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