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November 30, 2018 2 min read

So, you purchased agarwood (oud) oil which usually comes with glass vials or  glass bottles

You have been enjoying it until the last drop. What are you going to get every last drop out?

As you are aware, these pure oud oils are rich and intense. To finish up a bottle of 12 ml, it may take several years for some people when by that time, these oud oils have become super viscous making it difficult to "pour" them out

So what are you going to do to when you are unable to get the oud oil out? Well, you can pour solvents such as alcohol or carrier oil in to fill up the bottle again. You can even make a personal perfume or a grooming oil out of it


If you are like an oil based product

Jojoba, argan, fractionated coconut oil camelia oil could be used to create grooming oil. In this case, for example, an oud beard oil/ hair oil which makes you unique. I tried to pour a grooming oil base composed by Escentially Eve Perfumes into one of my 12ml empty oud glass bottles to create a hair oud oil which ultimately could be used as a beard oil too. To add more complexity,  a drop or two of sandalwood oil can be blended in which creates a sense of calm, compose and confidence for users


If you like an alcohol base

What type of alcohol should we use?  It all depends




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