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100% Pure Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) Specialty- Super Smooth Floral Oud

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Discover the amazing captivating aroma Oud oil from our plantation

The Super Smooth Floral Oud is no ordinary agarwood oil (Oud oil). This highly aromatic essential oil has hundreds of aromatic molecules, making it one of the most sought after oud for botanical perfumers.

A quality essential oud oil starts with quality ingredients, the distilling facilities, and the oud distiller's skill. Let me show you how this oil is “brewed.”

The sustainable agarwood from plantation

We have been working hard for many decades to grow these Aquilaria trees. Each tree is personally selected, quality checked: before and after harvesting to ensure it would produce the “woody” aroma of high-quality agarwood oil. Many growers rush to harvest their trees early, making their material pre-matured. Oils distilled from the pre-matured material does not smell as good. Many aromatherapists and oud lovers want a clear, smooth agarwood smell that can last. We make sure the age and quality of our trees are met before processing them further.


A colleague is separating agarwood from white wood at our plantation.

The distilling facility

We have our distilling facility on our plantation. It means we can process our trees on site. We have been using our unique way to distil our agarwood, making it like no other oud oil on the market: smooth, rich woody oud oil.

Grandawood Agarwood Oil Distilling House

Our specialised skill

Each distilling house has its techniques of distilling its essential oil. We have developed our approaches to ensure the aroma lovers love it through research, trials and errors. Many of our customers appreciate this unique aroma and leave feedback on this oud. You can read more at the bottom of this page.

You see, even with good material, some Oud Chefs (distiller) could not cook a good Oud oil because they did not have what they have: a burning desire for good sustainable agarwood oil. We have been perfecting our skills for many decades.


Brewing Super Smooth Oud Essential Oil 

So what does this oud oil smell like? 

Describing this amazing aroma is difficult, so I thought I would ask you a question.

Have you walked past someone, breathed in and felt stunned for a moment?

Your brain tries to process something unfamiliar that smells so good. You feel something familiar but unable to describe. It occupies your mind, makes you wonder what on earth this scent is? 

That is how many of our customers feel, precisely.

Years ago, I dabbed this oud oil in a piece of tissue to study how much it would change after a while. The issue was left on a table in the guest room. Every time; someone sat down, I noticed that they asked me what room spray I used, as it smelled so unique. I told them it was from the piece of tissue on the table. Many of the visitors were surprised, and most of the time, they would say, "it smelled so familiar, and it is good !". I knew this compliment was from their hearts after observing their pleasant facial expression. Some even asked if this "smell" was available for sale.

Ladies and gentlemen, this "smell" is the Super Smooth Floral Oud. You are looking at it right now.

1,120 kg of 15-year-old wood, 300 hours of carving labours, 168 hours to distil, 168 hours to cure, and 336 hours to mature for perfection...

just  to make this oud oil

This oud is an ideal ingredient for

  • perfumers who look to create their unique, signature scent
  • cosmetic producers, commercial perfumeries who want consistent quality, and uninterrupted supplies
  • the individuals who love oud and love the environment
  • the individuals who love smooth, woody, floral.


  • This oud oil is distilled from cultivated agarwood from agarwood plantations without deforesting. It means you can get as much as you want without costing the earth.
  •  You also help the local farmers and their families. They plant these Aquilaria trees for more than ten years. When harvested, they will regrow these "oud trees" again for a sustainable future.

This super smooth and sustainable  Oud oil  Oil is hydro-distilled in copper pots to form a distinctive scent profile that is different from still pots.

Pulverised agarwood (Oud) (Aquilaria Crassna) is soaked in for 1 week.


Our skilled Oud Chef (distillers) have been "cooking" beautiful, smooth, captivating woody, honey-like, floral agarwood oil with minimum barnyard, for you to enjoy.


Our Super Smooth Oud oil is known for its non-pungent and super smooth woody notes

SMOOTHER DEEPER OUDIER - Cultivated Oud Oil with Wild Oud quality!

Want to try? Add to cart and check it out. 


Customer Reviews
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    Dan M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Floral opening, leathery drydown

    Super floral top and heart, leather on the dry down without barnyard.

    Lavinia K.
    France France
    Flowery oud

    Easy going, floral oud with a citrusy touch and the underlying woodiness of oud. Strong but not especially animalic for those who don't like such notes.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    loving it. Very beautiful

    I love the Smooth floral Oud. Im going to use mostly the evergreen oud and the floral Oud Multiple layer of scent, good complexity. Very rich !

    Mahmoud D.
    Australia Australia

    Woody,smooth, honey and nice organic beeswax smell with minimum barnyard. you can dilute it a bit down in carrier oil and add some drops of pure Sandalwood and . it has a bit of smokiness in the dry down which is nice.

    Zhanna P.
    Australia Australia
    Beautiful oud

    Simply beautiful with no barnyard smell and great for woman's perfumes. I was also given a small sample of Floral Superior which is simply amazing and on my wish list now! Thank you Grandawood