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*LIMITED STOCK * Wild Vietnamese Agarwood Oud Oil Binh Phuoc Forest The Honey Dried Herbs

Remember times when you visit a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, maybe with your parents or by yourself. Remember the dried herbs smell inside the method?

This oil contains the note of Evergreen Superior and Herbal Spices  but much smoother.

Powdery, very rich woody with the sweetness of honey.


The agarwood material used to distil this oil is collected during high-end beads making the process, and agarwood chips. 

If you take a small dab in a small piece of cotton and place

  • on your desk: you will feel the aura of this oil would be around you
  • Inside your draw: You will notice the scent every time you open your drawer. It is intense and last for weeks.

Or simply, a dab behind your ear so when you turn head, you will feel this addictive scent again and again. Enjoy and experience the differences of this oil