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You know exactly what is in your tea or herbal infusion as there is no need to blend or mix with others tea.

It contains a single natural ingredient: Agarwood leaves

And NO, this is NOT another slim tea on the market which promises healthy detox by giving you diarrhea

Introducing the leaves made from the Wood of God

Delicious & Soothing Agarwood Tea Gives You Powerful Health Benefits with Scientific Researches 


 For centuries Agarwood Leaves have been used to make some of the world's most glorious tea. In Asia countless generations have sipped Agarwood Tea to help them quickly fall into a deep, restful sleep. This amazing natural tea has long been thought of as the very best way to combat insomnia.

But that's NOT all Agarwood Tea can do. It is highly effective in relieving constipation along with the pains, pressure, and cramps that accompany it.  This is good new for people who cannot consume dairy-based treatments or prefer not to take harsh drugstore constipation medications. Simply by sipping wonderful tasting Agarwood Tea you can soon experience welcome relief. 
In recent years health experts have become increasingly excited about the proven ability of Agarwood Tea as an anti-inflamatory. Research suggests most illnesses and health conditions are initially caused by inflammation in the body. By regularly drinking Agarwood Tea, you can quickly reduce inflammation. This not only protects you from illness, but also helps you recover much more quickly. Next time, along with the chicken soup, brew yourself a lovely cup of Agarwood Tea.
But that's not all Agarwood Tea does for you. It also helps stabilize blood sugar. This can reduce mood swings and improve the way you feel about yourself and those around you. Stabilizing blood sugar is a great way to lose weight. You no longer have the urges and huger pangs that encourage you to snack between meals. When you sit down to a meal, you feel full sooner and don't overeat. This not only leads to better nutrition, many people find they lose weight without dieting.
It is also interesting that Agarwood Tea is excellent at cleansing the body of pollutants and the build up of additives. It also prevents your body from absorbing so much cholesterol. It is an effective treatment for those who have been advised to reduce cholesterol intake.
Mangiferin in agarwood tea significantly lower levels of uric acid in the blood (cause solid crystals to form within joint, known as "Gout"). Please see the 2017 research below from Agarwood, Science Behind the Fragrance
How does Agarwood Tea accomplish all these admirable things? Studies in the lab have reveled Agarwood Leaves contain significant amounts of Mangiferin, Terpenoids, and Methoxyflavone. These are important natural chemical compounds that help you get a deep restful sleep, slow inflammation, loosen constipation, and stabilize blood sugar to help you feel better and lose weight (through its natural anabolic agent methoxy-flavone) .
There is a basic, fundamental problem with supplements on the market: You do not know what is in it and the manufacture will not tell you as that was confidential. In contrast, Agarwood Tea is very simple. It consists of just ONE ingredient: agarwood leaves. That's it! There are ZERO additives. No sugar, no sodium, no fat, no synthetic drugs. The tea you drink has ONE thing and ONE thing only in it: agarwood leaves which could be serve HOT or COLD
Most people find that fact very refreshing. A nutritional supplement with just ONE ingredient is a welcome change. Compare that to all the foods you eat where the list of ingredients includes all sorts of chemicals and GMO laced nutrients. You do NOT get this with Agarwood Tea. It consists only of these special leaves that for centuries have brought welcome benefits to anyone who made it a habit to sip this tea. Below are the Laboratory Analysis conducted by the Southern Cross University
Disclaimer: Please treat this tea (herbal infusion) as a supplement NOT a meal replacement and certainly NOT medicine. Although the above benefit was research and peer reviewed, individual result may vary. Please do not use or consult your doctor if you are allergic to Mangiferin, Terpenoids, and Methoxyflavone.
For optimal result, agarwood tea should be consumed along with a healthy balanced diet and exercise as it will not help you loose weight by drinking it alone.