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Grandawood Agarwood Oud Perfume: OUD SPIRIT- GLORY OF THE PAIN- 30 ml perfume


Strength: Eau de parfum

Genuine Oud perfume contains genuine Oud (Oudh)

Main note: citrus mandarin, lemon blossom, a hint of Sandalwood (Western Australia) and Oud (Agarwood Oudh)

This fragrance

  • contains Natural Essential Oils and Synthetics
  • is formulated within the guidelines of IFRA. http://www.ifraorg.org
  • Includes genuine agarwood (oud) oil from our own sustainable agarwood plantation
  • SPECIAL 30ML OPTION: A FREE 0.5 ML OF OUR CULTIVATED OUD (OUDH) OF YOUR CHOICE: EVERGREEN OR SMOOTH OUD THAI which you can use separately or blend into the bottle for extra Oud (Oudh) Strength



CAN YOU TAKE SOMETHING GOOD AND MAKE IT BETTER? Australian firm @grandawood are Queensland-based producers, importers and distillers of oud. In 2017 they formed a partnership with the late Jonathon Midgley of Damask Perfumery. He used their “Oud Evergreen” oil and enhanced it with other notes to create an alcohol-based spray perfume: Oud Spirit. The Oud Evergreen Jonathon used is a fresh, tangy, green and slightly leathery oud which has been enhanced, rather than obscured. As the product hits the skin, it packs a powerful punch and is unmistakably based on real oud in all its shocking glory. Only a matter of seconds later, the fragrance changes as other notes emerge. My first thought is lemon blossom, sending shoots of sweet citrus nectar into the composition. Next, vanilla and leather arrive. Sweetness increases, but is tempered by the sultry powderiness of leather. I’m told by the brand that this leather effect is coming from the oud itself and in fact, this makes sense. Further into the wearing I sense another sweet note, perhaps slightly medicinal. It could be benzoin. There is something herbal like sage. I don’t know if it is sage, or just the herbal qualities of the oud, but it’s good. Now I can detect a frankincense note, dry and crisp, blending with the lemon blossom, vanilla, oud and leather. The composition seems to change continuously. I even occasionally get an effect like lemon meringue pie on a crunchy biscuit base - but the oud is still there. Every time I smell it, something has changed and a new aspect emerges in the composition. This is definitely a good sign, reflecting the quality of the perfumer’s work This is a great composition that will please oud lovers everywhere. It’s elegant and restrained but also full of character. It also really projects and seems to last for hours on skin. I can imagine wearing this in any weather as it’s warm, fresh and clean all at the same time. I wish Grandawood all the best with this product as I believe it’s going to stir up a lot of interest both domestically and overseas. #oud #oudh #aoud #agarwood #grandawood #oudspirit #fragrance #sprayperfume

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A tribute to the perfumer, the creator: Jonathon Midgley

Creating an agarwood perfume is a challenging task because of its compound complexity. Without skill, this precious oil will be wasted away.

We discovered Jonathon through an article from a local paper: The Courier mail knowing he has worked with Agarwood (Oud) before

"5. Thoth - a male perfume created by Midgley. "Pronounced Toth, it's named after the Egyptian god with the ibis beak. There's a really rare aromatic oil in it called oud - which is probably my favourite perfume raw material that's natural (and costs $46,000 per kilo)."

You might already know, Thoth was Jonathon's nickname too, the owner of Damask Perfumery, located at 11 Holden St., Woolloongabba 4102  Queensland, Australia

We were both excited about developing a new genuine Oud fine fragrance

Jonathon Midgley and compound manager Gabrielle Ivers (Source: ABC)



Johnathon Midgley appeared on ABC RHI

Alcohol and  Alcohol-based are available for orders within Australia

International customer: Please choose Alcohol-FREE OPTION as alcohol-based one is available within Australia only 



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Deborah A.

Grandawood Agarwood Oud Perfume

Unfortunately as a purveyor of sandalwood I found this poor quality. Diffused with inferior chemicals and this gave off an unpleasant after scent.

Adrian M

elegance and fine

different layer of smell, and oud which was meant to be the base. Nice composed cocktail. Love this

Mellisa M

different smell at different time

the scent change rapidly after 5 minutes, from mandarin to slight floral which lasts for several hours before turning into smooth Oud

Michael A
United States

citrusy at first, bergamot, woody, and oud

Given there is real oud inside this bottle, it is a good combination of scent, very fine fragrance, try it people. It is a shame I was unable to try the alchohol one due to logistic with this "dangerous good", having say that, the oil version works well too, just less booming effect.

United States

i just received it now and cant wait to try it out!

Thank you - the perfume is great, very interesting! when i first applied to my skin i thought ; this is too spicy and very high pitched sharp scent, but after a few minutes it changes and becomes very soft and rich and creamy! it changes so much and becomes really rich. to me the oud smell becomes more apparent later as it dries