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A more detail agarwood tea review

June 01, 2015 1 min read

  • Tea Nature

 Agarwood dried leaves do not belong to Camellia Sinensis so it is classified as herbal infusion like pepper mint, lemon grass tea.

Colour: pale green (dried)

Smell: fresh green leaves, waken-up feeling when taking a sniff

Light and smooth at 1st brew, quite intense at the second brew and smooth again from the 3rd brew.

Strong and bold, a stronger version of “bitter melon herbal infusion”

Long lasting between bitter and sweet after taste

  • Fragrance

The fragrance linger on the surface of the tongue. You can feel the special taste quite tangy around the throat after swallowing.

With black tea, the fragrance from the leaves is different in each steep especially before brewing, among the 1st brew, 2nd brew and so on.

With agarwood leaves, it is quite consistent, what you scent in the leaves is no different between before and the 1st brew

I could brew this tea up to 15 times (I put roughly 20 tea balls). The aromas and colour would be slowly fading but you could still taste this intense tea. Personally, this tea is bitter in an enjoyable way.

If you stop drinking for 5 to 10 minutes, you would still notice the lingering tangy, dried taste in your throat

In addition, it does speed up your metabolism, so consume it after meal makes you feel lighter.

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